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Experian Makes Strategic Investment In PlaceIQ

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PlaceIQ’s Location Intelligence Products and Capabilities Become Complementary Elements for Key Initiatives Across Experian’s Marketing Division

PlaceIQ, the company building a new model of consumer behavior with location data, today announced a comprehensive strategic partnership with Experian, which includes a financial investment from the global information services company. This investment represents a growth round of financing for PlaceIQ, enabling the company to continue its strong forward market momentum by scaling its data operations, meeting increasing product demand, and supporting future innovation.

Under the agreement, PlaceIQ’s flagship compiled data product, LandMark, will be incorporated into Experian’s suite of data activation and measurement products and services. The combined capabilities open the door for brands and agencies to better measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and create more relevant messages that resonate with customers.

“Today’s announcement is a moment of tremendous pride for me as a founder, and for our talented team,” said Duncan McCall, CEO, PlaceIQ. “At the inception of our company, we set out to build the best, most accurate view of behaviors in the physical world from location data—with the intention of equipping the most sophisticated organizations on the planet to harness this powerful data set to deliver optimized marketing communications and create an improved customer experience. In a year when we have deliberately pursued a data-only strategy for our business, we’ve been selected for a pivotal partnership with one of the most respected data companies in the industry for their next-generation omnichannel offerings. It is not only an extraordinary honor, but also a rewarding validation of our chosen course.”

PlaceIQ’s LandMark leverages foot traffic patterns to provide a real-world view of the customer journey and can connect with multiple marketing touchpoints to create a truly integrated approach. Combined with Experian’s suite of marketing products and solutions, LandMark will help brands and agencies to build effective audiences, activate campaigns across channels and more accurately measure campaign success.

“Customer behavior has evolved significantly over the years. People interact with brands through a variety of digital touchpoints—whether it’s mobile, social media or video,” said Kevin Dean, President of Marketing Services, Experian. “With the mindset that consumers need to be at the heart of every marketing strategy, brands and agencies need to find ways to reach them and deliver more relevant messages. We believe quality data and advanced technology underpin that entire approach, and our collaboration and investment with PlaceIQ reinforce our commitment to helping brands meet that expectation.”

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