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ExpertFile Launches First of Planned Artificial Intelligence Features for Its Expertise Marketing Platform

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Using the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and semantic language processing capabilities, ExpertFile’s new “Inquiry Quarantine” feature employs advanced algorithms to identify potentially harmful or offensive communications before it reaches the end-user martech news.

These new AI features enhance the specialized workflow and alerts on ExpertFile’s platform; allowing communications departments to receive inbound inquiries on behalf of experts ensuring timely responses. Many of these requests come from media and are time-sensitive martech.

“We believe that experts need to be more approachable as credible media sources and brand ambassadors, but that shouldn’t make them vulnerable,” said Robert Carter, VP Product and Co-Founder of ExpertFile. “Being able to deploy advanced algorithms to identify sentiment and quarantine potentially harmful messages is a good step in the right direction.”

Artificial intelligence technology forms the core in what will be an emerging set of advanced tools that will help ExpertFile match the most relevant experts to the right media, event organizers, prospects, government bodies and more. Using the power of AI for quarantining inquiries is just the first step in ExpertFile’s roadmap of using advanced algorithms to better showcase a wide range of global experts and their content to those searching worldwide marketing automation.

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