Advertising & Promotion, Search & Social Advertising Declares ‘Facebook and Google Third Party AdTech is Dead’

Social Media today announced that Facebook and Google third-party adtech is dead. Over the course of 2018, the optimization algorithms for Facebook and Google UAC have dramatically improved, leveling the playing field between advertisers both large and small. The duopoly’s native adtech has improved such that advantages once held by third party SaaS providers has diminished. To be successful, social advertising technology companies must focus on cross-platform campaign management, advanced creative reporting and workflow automation.

In direct response to this year’s optimization algorithm improvements from Facebook and Google UAC, Consumer Acquisition has reduced the cost of its platform to 0.07 percent of media spend with a maximum monthly cap of $15,000. Additionally, the company’s AdRules self-service platform now supports Google UAC reporting, which offers mobile app advertisers and lead generators a comprehensive self-service media buying solution and advanced reporting platform.

Brian Bowman, CEO of Consumer Acquisition, said: “This February, we uncovered that Facebook’s ad algorithm improved and native tools for both Facebook and Google UAC had gotten easier to use. This simplified how advertisers could manage media buying and bidding using only native tools. In response, we accelerated the development of our creative marketplace software which helps advertisers produce videos and identifies creative fatigue and audience saturation and we built in support for Google UAC. We’re so confident in our approach and the direction that the industry is headed that we’ve radically dropped the fee we’re charging for our self-service software.”

Consumer Acquisition isn’t the only company reducing pricing for social campaign management software in the adtech market. Marin Software, a public company offering a digital marketing software for performance-driven advertisers and agencies, also recently announced shifting their model to a flat platform fee, rather than using traditional pricing as a percentage of digital ad spend. Bowman believes that any adtech company that simply tries to keep up with Facebook and Google native tools capabilities, or those that have built proprietary AI algorithms, will see the value of their solutions rapidly drop.

Consumer Acquisition’s AdRules software optimizes the social advertising processes with workflow automation, bulk ad creation and bulk audience creation, and its Creative Marketplace delivers videos and images at scale. Advertisers can reduce time spent on competitive tasks like building ads and adjusting bids and managing budgets due to AdRules’ automation features. AdRules also offers the most robust creative analytics solution with reporting views not available in Facebook or Google’s native tools. Advertisers can see images, videos and graphs with rolled up data, cohort reporting and advanced tagging as well as view KPIs from multiple sources in one dashboard, including APIs, measurement partners and proprietary business intelligence data. Additionally, to maintain financial performance, the platform can deliver fresh videos and images sourced through its Creative Marketplace.

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