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Fancy launch Savvy Converter For Short-Form Video Production

Today, Manhattan-based digital marketing studio Fancy Pants Group announces Savvy Converter and Savvy Platform. These innovations mark the studio’s progress towards a marketing philosophy grounded on data-driven, scalable video production. This strategic move was initiated three years ago with the launch of SavvyTM (www.savvyworks.com), the studio’s technology-driven video production process crafted to elevate pre-existing creative assets and generate dynamic videos.

Savvy Converter is a tool for marketers with limited assets, resources, or time, promising short-form video ads from a layered static asset within 24 hours. Along with Savvy Multiplier and Savvy Generator, Converter lives on the all-new web-based Savvy Platform, which hosts all video requests, variation builds, and reviews.

“Our goal in creating the technology behind Savvy has always been to change the game with how video gets created. We’ve learned from working with top partners how to build the snackable, high-quality videos that brands need for a digital presence that captures attention and performs,” says Managing Director David Chang. “Now, with Platform and Converter, we’re cutting out inefficiencies around the production process, allowing brands to request videos and variations without the rounds of back-and-forth that typically slow video turnaround and limit scalability.”

Converter Details:

  • Rolling Requests: Upload an approved layered asset and request a video in minutes.
  • Fast: A creative team handcrafts an eye-catching video within 24 hours.
  • Transparent: Savvy Platform hosts requests and communications, boosting transparency and accelerating reviews.

Savvy Platform Capabilities:

  • New job requests across Savvy products
  • Quick asset upload
  • Client-driven variations within Savvy Multiplier
  • Batch renders from data feeds
  • Easy-to-use, collaborative review software
  • Video export across aspect sizes and file types

Since entering the digital industry in 2006, Fancy Pants Group has seen major shifts in its clients’ needs. Though bespoke builds were once paramount, the growth of data and social media has triggered a new generation of creative executions that are video-centric, always-on, data-driven, modular, and performance-optimized. Now, Fancy Pants Group is betting that its quick, streamlined process will be the advantage it needs to best serve its clients into the future.

Find out more at www.savvyworks.com.

Fancy Pants Group is a private Digital Creative and Production Studio, servicing advertising agencies, publishers, and direct clients since 2006. 

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