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Genesys Unveils Free Trials for AppFoundry Premium Applications

Genesys (, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions, is making it even easier for businesses to extend the power of PureCloud® with the launch of single-click free trials for Premium Applications. Now available on the Genesys AppFoundry, this is the industry’s first fully self-service, automated free trial program available on a dedicated customer experience marketplace.

“Our free trial program is a truly modern approach for companies to buy software. We’re offering a hassle-free way to try trusted apps, integrations and services that seamlessly tie into our leading SaaS solution, PureCloud. In a matter of minutes – not days or weeks – customers can test drive solutions to help them address real business challenges and deliver value,” said Jeff Wise, vice president, Application and Developer Marketing, Genesys. “This is just the latest example of how we’re removing barriers to help businesses build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers and enrich their employees’ experiences.”

Quickly and without risk, Genesys PureCloud customers can sample a variety of select integrations, applications and services that work in lockstep with their cloud contact center software. Currently, there are 11 free trial applications from AppFoundry partners including: Avtex, CustomerView, nGuvu, PureInsights, Softphone, Survey Dynamix, CoBrowse, SmartVideo, Outleads, and more. These span a variety of capabilities including business intelligence, workforce management, CRM and more.

With fully automated installation and setup, Premium Applications are built to accelerate speed-to-use and deliver optimal time-to-value.

Softphone, a leading Contact Center Solutions Developer & System Integrator, currently offers free trials of 4 Premium Applications on AppFoundry.

Alan Lugiai, Softphone chief executive officer said, “We expect free trial offers to generate an incredible response from Genesys customers. This is a tremendous opportunity to help even more businesses amplify the value of their Genesys Cloud Customer Experience solutions by giving them friction-free access to and integration of our products.”

Businesses have thirty days to evaluate the offering and can choose to license or cancel at any time without friction. In addition, Premium Applications are fully integrated with PureCloud’s subscription and billing system, further streamlining and simplifying the entire process for customers.

Genesys AppFoundry by the numbers

Currently, with 30 Premium Applications and 100% growth over the last year, Genesys plans to continue working with AppFoundry partners to expand the free trial program. The tremendous success of Premium Applications is helping to fuel innovation across the entire AppFoundry, which is now home to more than 280 applications, integrations and services for the Genesys product suite. This is a 40% increase in just over a year.

Today, AppFoundry is the largest, most user-centric, singularly focused marketplace of its kind, with the closest contact center competitor offering less than half as many integrations on its partner platform.

“Genesys has correctly identified that in the age of the digitally transformed business, the strength of any one application is related to the strength of its ecosystem. Organizations have complex environments that require the integration of applications and processes, particularly those that handle customers,” said Mary Wardley, vice president, Customer Care and CRM, IDC. “The AppFoundry ecosystem with one-click free trials makes it even easier for businesses to address contact center white spaces. It’s clear Genesys understands that for many of its customers – especially small and mid-sized businesses – speed is of the essence.”

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