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Fast Simon Works with Attentive to Personalize SMS & Email Marketing

AI eCommerce Optimization Personalizes SMS Campaigns for eCommerce Merchants Using Attentive
Fast Simon

Fast Simon, the leader in AI-powered shopping optimization, today announced an integration with Attentive, boosting top-class mobile marketing with optimized AI eCommerce personalization. This partnership empowers innovative brands to create meaningful interactions through personalized text and email messaging.

Fast Simon’s AI eCommerce optimization and advanced data collection enrich Attentive’s top-class short messaging service (SMS) and email marketing. With this integration, retailers can create search and browse abandonment journeys and tailor segments according to subscribers’ intent in their search and browsing activities.

Since SMS requires people to opt-in, they can control the access to their favorite brands — whether for customer support or member-only offers or to track order status. Fast Simon’s personalization expertise creates relevant marketing messages brands can send using Attentive, resulting in better outcomes for shoppers.

“Reducing abandoned search journeys is a big goal for retailers. Fast Simon has created an optimized experience for Attentive merchants, using critical metrics to send shoppers timely, personalized messages through shopping and purchase behavior,” said Greg Bauman, director of partnerships at Attentive.

The Fast Simon and Attentive integration enables the following features and benefits:

Highly Targeted Outreach Campaigns
Merchants can create and target customer segments using a search query of viewed collections. Personalized recommendations for retargeting SMS campaigns are based on:

  • Shoppers’ behavior in search and collections pages
  • Smart recommendations for semantic and visual product data
  • Smart AI personalization engine

SMS Marketing That Stands Out
By targeting customers according to their individual needs, and in unique ways, merchants can grow business engagement and customer loyalty by:

  • Retargeting based on a shopper’s last session
  • Creating customer groups according to interest and personal details
  • Delivering catchy and accurate message content

Customized and Relevant Recommendations and Events
As subscribed shoppers search or click on collections or products, merchants can apply this data to automatically generate AI-based recommendations used in Attentive journeys or segments.

“SMS marketing keeps communication simple, in one place, and is measurable for merchants. Notifications can reach customers at peak times and during optimal trigger moments,” said Zohar Gilad, co-founder and CEO, Fast Simon. “Our integration with Attentive brings out the power of AI optimization to align with shopper intent, reduce cart abandonment and boost conversions.”

The integration is available to all Fast Simon and Attentive customers. For more information, visit

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