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Fine Point Technologies Announces MountainRange

Fine Point

Fine Point Technologies released MountainRange today, a low-cost Wi-Fi 6 mesh solution with subscriber data analytics, speed testing, and full TR-069 management, an alternative to Plume’s Open Sync product.

The combination of whole home Wi-Fi 6 with subscriber data analytics brings affordable, cutting-edge technology to operator subscribers, and offers a lower cost mesh alternative that provides the benefits of Plume without the need for a proprietary platform. MountainRange is a smart choice for broadband service providers looking to add immediate value to their subscribers. With plug and mesh technology, deployments are fast and easy, making cutting edge technology accessible to all. MountainRange, combined with the powerful data analytics offered through Fine Point’s MountainView and EpicView products, make this a complete solution for carriers that want to provide customers with a premium experience at an affordable price, providing up to 7000 square feet of coverage for a broadband subscriber’s home or business.

Tested and proven – MountainRange is a quality-assured tested Wi-Fi 6 whole home mesh turn- key solution. Broadband operators can sell and deploy MountainRange with confidence that will result in service calls decreasing relating to wi-fi issues in a subscriber’s home or business.

Data analytics – with advanced data analytics from MountainView and EpicView, carriers can set and optimize key performance indicators, develop targeted marketing campaigns, and improve customer service response to reduce telephone time and subsequent truck rolls.

Mobile Field Technician and Subscriber App – with standards-based TR-069 management, plug and mesh technology, and seamless roaming, customers will experience fewer wi-fi related issues with the use of their IOS or Android App to manage their wi-fi network.

“MountainRange gives operators an edge, by making it affordable to offer a TR-069 manageable Wi-Fi 6 solution that allows subscribers to take advantage of the latest technologies seamlessly,” said Rodger Henry, Director of Wi-fi Innovation, at Fine Point Technologies. “With the growing adoption of smart devices and the introduction of 6G, we are anticipating growing demand for MountainRange across our global client base.”

The MountainRange Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 system is available directly from Fine Point Technologies and through Fine Point’s network of distributors. Learn more about becoming a distributor at

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