ZineOne announces $28M in Series C Funding

Investment will continue ZineOne’s growth and leadership in using real-time behavioral intelligence to convert anonymous consumers without cookies or PII

ZineOne, the in-session marketing platform that provides enterprises with real-time behavioral intelligence and conversion-driving online shopping experiences for anonymous website visitors, today announced it has raised $28 million in Series C funding from SignalFire, with participation from Norwest and other existing investors.

“The end of third-party cookies and increased data privacy concerns have disrupted the way e-commerce brands have been doing their jobs for the last 10 years,” said Chris Scoggins at SignalFire, who has joined ZineOne’s Board of Directors as of this announcement. “Currently, 80-90% of site visitors are anonymous, and ZineOne is able to intelligently segment visitors within five clicks to optimize conversions.”

The $28M series C investment will support ZineOne’s vision of building out the in-session marketing category – a new concept designed to increase e-commerce revenue and conversions in a privacy-forward world using advanced machine learning (ML). This investment will also further ZineOne in its continued commitment to solving the hard challenge of understanding short-term consumer behaviors in-the-moment using only clickstream data, without requiring any historical, demographic or personally identifiable information.

“We are solving a wide-spread challenge that brands face every day when privacy concerns are at an all time high,” said Debjani Deb, CEO and co-founder of ZineOne. “In-session marketing is a powerful, and we believe essential, way for marketers to appeal to shoppers at the moment they’re ready to buy, versus their previous buying intentions.”

When potential customers visit an e-commerce site, ZineOne instantly analyzes their behavior patterns within the first few clicks to deliver the right product recommendations or promotional offers while avoiding giving discounts to users who would have purchased anyway. This massively increases customer acquisition, conversion rates, and revenue for businesses implementing ZineOne.

By leveraging ZineOne’s machine learning insights, customers have achieved the following benefits:

○ Clothing brand experienced a +20% lift in anonymous visitor conversions

○ Telecom provider +62% lift in new customer acquisition for on-the-fence consumers

○ Luxury retailer +15% conversion rate lift for overall online purchases

○ Furniture retailer 17-day payback period on $1M ZineOne software investment

“The team went through an extensive search to find a solution that could help us reduce promotional inefficiencies while simultaneously growing topline revenue,” stated Vince Caporusso, Pricing & Promotional Insights, Advance Auto Parts. “ZineOne delivered a customized and comprehensive solution demonstrating a strong understanding of our use case. We plan on leveraging ZineOne’s real-time behavioral modeling expertise to better target and personalize the promotional experience for our customers. Looking forward to the benefits that this partnership will unlock for our business.”

“When we reached out to ZineOne, we were looking for a new solution which would enable us to leverage in-session marketing technology to drive conversion without diluting, or cheapening, our brand messaging,” stated Stacey Eddy, Senior Director of eCommerce at KEEN. “Through our partnership with ZineOne we’ve been able to achieve extremely positive results, almost immediately after we launched, in both revenue as well as valuable insights into our customers’ behaviors. Looking forward, we plan to leverage ZineOne’s expertise to obsess over our customers unique journeys and help us make meaningful connections with relevant messaging at exactly the right time.”

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