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Fishawack Health acquires Digital Marketing Agency closerlook LLC

As part of its bold growth plans, Fishawack Health announces the acquisition of closerlook, a data analytics and digital native healthcare agency specializing in intelligent omnichannel marketing solutions.
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Fishawack Health, a leading global commercialization partner for the life sciences industry, announces the acquisition of Chicago-based closerlook LLC. closerlook is a digital-native healthcare agency that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics to develop omnichannel strategies, creative and digital media solutions for life science brands across the entire pre-commercial and commercial lifecycle of a drug.

The award-winning firm’s skills and software products in data science, AI, and advanced analytics provide life science brands with real-time insights, providing the ability to develop hyper-targeted and precisely personalized campaigns at scale. This expertise, combined with Fishawack Health’s broad spectrum of medical communications, commercial and consulting capabilities, will provide healthcare marketers with unrivaled access to an integrated platform that is designed for competitive advantage.

closerlook’s approach to data-driven healthcare marketing is powered by its four interlocking capabilities: omnichannel strategy, conceptual creative and content, digital tactics and media management, and advanced analytics. These are all informed by Backstage® Intelligence, the firm’s proprietary data and intelligence market hub. The platform uses AI and data science to inform and precisely tailor healthcare professional and patient experiences. Such personalization ensures biopharma companies engage with customers and patients in novel and intelligent ways, driving innovation, and connecting healthcare professionals and patients with the knowledge they need to improve health outcomes and live better lives.

Oliver Dennis, Fishawack Health co-founder, and CEO said: “Traditionally, the healthcare sector has fallen behind when it comes to leveraging the power of innovative technologies to enhance commercial and medical communications strategies. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the necessity of digital communication and the opportunities an omnichannel approach brings. Life science brands need a new breed of partner that offers bespoke teams who bring with them digital and analytics prowess, a rigorous understanding of the science, and the ability to develop impactful strategies and creative solutions.

“Importantly, closerlook’s advanced AI and analytics offering can track and optimize performance, delivering increased business results for clients. Through this combination of expertise, we can develop highly intelligent solutions that are integral for developing, launching, and growing brands and portfolios in a complex and crowded marketplace.”

David Ormesher, CEO of closerlook, said: “We are energized by the prospect of joining a global team with the breadth and depth of Fishawack Health. I believe that the combination of our AI/advanced analytics-enabled omnichannel strategy, creative, and digital media with Fishawack Health’s global consulting, commercial and medical communications capabilities will create a unique commercialization offering for life science brands and healthcare companies looking for growth.

“We have spent over six months getting to know the Fishawack Health leadership, and we are excited about the alignment of vision, purpose, and culture between our two organizations. Over the past year, closerlook has experienced the fastest growth in its history and we expect Fishawack Health to supercharge that even more. We are looking forward to working together to achieve our mission of better health outcomes for patients and greater business results for the biopharma brands that serve them”.

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