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Flybits wins Global Product Leadership Award for CX

The award recognizes Flybits as a candidate for continuous market disruption in digital customer experience transformation with tremendous growth potential in mobile personalization.
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Flybits, the most advanced contextual engagement platform in the financial industry, today announced it was named by Frost & Sullivan as a global product leader of customer experience in the financial services market. The award recognizes Flybits as an innovator in the industry and as a candidate for continuous market disruption, with a strong overall performance.

Banks and financial institutions face a critical challenge now that online banking has supplanted branch visits as the primary portal for customer interaction: how to connect with their customers on a deeper level. Frost & Sullivan firmly believes that one of the best ways to achieve this outcome is by personalizing customer experiences on mobile channels. “Flybits’ end-to-end, enterprise-level platform manages the information technology (IT) complexities of data science, hyper-personalization, and contextualization so that clients can create and implement experience design use cases easily,” said Jeffrey Castilla, Best Practices Research Team Leader from Frost & Sullivan.

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Flybits was founded in 2013 on the belief that data is the digital economy’s most valuable asset and can enhance people’s lives in powerful ways: helping them connect to loved ones, make better decisions, and filter out unwanted noise. Guided by this belief, Flybits helps financial institutions (FIs) to bring the power of data to life. Enabling them to transform customer data into one-of-a-kind personalized experiences, by launching predictive and contextual digital recommendations at scale, that are attuned to individuals’ lives.

Flybits’ approach of ongoing innovation and improvement has earned it widespread recognition as both a pioneer and a product leader. “We are honored to be recognized as a global product leader for customer experience in financial services,” said Dr. Hossein Rahnama, founder and CEO of Flybits. “Driving extreme innovation, efficiency, and customer value are key strategic priorities for us.”

When evaluating the competitive landscape, Frost & Sullivan looked at three categories of technology players from Enterprise software organizations to Point solutions and MarTech solutions. They determined that what differentiates Flybits is:

Speed to Market – Flybits enables FIs to accelerate their time to market at a fraction of the cost – a key differentiator compared to enterprise software organizations, whose systems can take years to implement at a significant cost.

Personalized Ecosystem – Flybits’ leverages more than just transactional data, unlike most point solutions. It can therefore power a more holistic customer view, with deep insights that generate banking and lifestyle experiences beyond the branch.

Privacy Protection – Flybits has a strong knowledge of the financial industry and the regulatory environment, and embeds a strict privacy-protecting approach that gives the power to the end-customer – enabling them to choose what data to share and for what purpose.

Ultimately, when stacked against its competitors, Flybits offers the most innovative and efficient way of connecting and supporting customers using contextual data, the unique ability to create a personal banking ecosystem that goes beyond branches, and an industry-leading commitment to privacy protection.

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