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Fyllo | Semasio rebrands to Semasio, launches Contextual

Powerful New Features Ensure Near-Real-Time Contextual Analysis and Audience Extensions To Drive High-Performing Ad Placements

Fyllo | Semasio, the leading provider of next-gen contextual targeting solutions powered by advanced semantic technology, announced today the launch of ContextualPLUS, a revolutionary product capable of generating precise contextual targeting segments from a minimal dataset of just 300 seed records. Powered by Semasio’s First Context technology, ContextualPLUS sets a new industry standard by ensuring client advertisements are placed not just in the right context but that contextual inventory is surfaced for contextual ad placement at peak timing – just as new content is published. The launch of ContextualPLUS occurs alongside an overall rebrand that will see the company known simply as Semasio moving forward.

Semasio’s ContextualPLUS enables advertisers to transform audiences, survey panels or available first-party data into advanced and scalable digital campaigns that use contextual targeting to reach current customers and discover previously untapped audiences. By leveraging a desired dataset to create the seed target audience, advertisers can model the overlap between people and pages to discover new customers and capitalize on new revenue opportunities.

First Context technology enables Semasio’s semantic engine to identify, crawl, annotate and target pages on the Open Web in between 2.1 seconds and five minutes of their posting, allowing for maximum exposure and relevance on sites like news publishers that traffic in timely information. It allows advertisers to reach users at their most impressionable moments, driving greater revenue and enhancing brand safety. After implementing ContextualPLUS with First Context through the Semasio platform, campaigns typically see a 20% increase in performance in the first 24 hours after content is published.

One of the first partners to utilize ContextualPLUS has been Gravy Analytics, part of Unacast, which is leveraging it to transform its unique, location-based audience data into contextual segments that are privacy-friendly and cookie-free.

“In today’s privacy-centric landscape, merging precise location data with contextual advertising isn’t just innovative; it’s transformative. It allows advertisers to move beyond broad demographic targeting to create highly personalized experiences that resonate deeply with individual interests and behaviors,” said Jonathon Schuster, Chief Product Officer and General Manager at Unacast. “This method not only ensures that advertisers reach consumers at the ideal moment and location, but also significantly boosts engagement and conversion rates. We’re not just expanding the utility of our Gravy Audiences into contextual realms; we’re redefining how value is created and delivered in the digital advertising space.”

“We have had a long-standing relationship with Semasio,” said Giorgi Khutsishvili, Managing Partner Data Strategy, Global Operations at Publicis Media. “We’re excited to see such positive momentum and look forward to building together for the future.”

Jeff Ragovin, CEO at Semasio, added, “We’re rebranding the company as Semasio in 2024 because it better reflects who we are and our strategic direction. This promises to be the year that digital advertising pivots to full-scale contextual targeting in response to the demise of third-party tracking cookies. The whole industry will be better for both advertisers and consumers after the transition, and contextual targeting through Semasio will be an important tool for all marketers who are concerned about performance in a privacy-first world.”

“In an era where timing is not just a factor but the backbone of digital advertising success, the launch of ContextualPLUS marks a pivotal moment for Semasio and our clients,” Ragovin continued. “By harnessing the power of near-real-time contextual analysis and advanced audience modeling, we’re ensuring that our clients’ messages capture moments of maximum relevance and engagement. As we step forward with our new identity and these groundbreaking features, we reaffirm our commitment to innovation, relevance, and, most importantly, the success of our clients’ campaigns.”

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