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Global Customer Experience (CX) Services Markets 2021-2022

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The “Social Media Analytics Transforming Global Customer Experience (CX) Services” report has been added to’s offering.

This report discusses some of the innovative use-cases of social media and social media analytics to boost customer journeys throughout various stages.

In addition, it explores how the social media analytics market is evolving with transformative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), competitive intelligence, sentiment analysis, and more.

It also discusses key players in the market, future trends, market growth drivers, restraints, and predictions around social media analytics investments in-depth and provides relevant recommendations for businesses.

Social media analytics is the process of evaluating and examining data about conversations on social media platforms to understand customer preferences and gain competitive intelligence. Social media analytics can be predictive, prescriptive, or descriptive and help businesses understand different parts of a problem, thereby enabling them to tackle the issue in a strategic manner.

When combined with other voice-of-the-customer (VoC) data (obtained from surveys, reviews, and other sources), social media analytics can be leveraged to inform a business’s marketing, sales, service, and engagement initiatives and strategy to offer fulfilling customer experiences.

Despite these benefits, social media analytics is not utilized optimally by most businesses. This is because the benefits of social media or its analytics are not known too well, or the data is too vast and unstructured.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Strategic Imperatives

  • Why Is It Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
  • The Strategic Imperative
  • The Impact of the Top Three Strategic Imperatives on the Global Social Media Analysis Industry
  • Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine

2. Growth Opportunity Analysis, 2021

  • Key Business Goals, Global, 2021
  • Top CX priorities, Global, 2021 to 2022
  • Interaction Channels Supported by Industry, Global, 2021 to 2022
  • Estimated Percentage of Interactions Handled Across Channels, Global, between 2019 and 2020
  • Priority of Channels by Industry Due to COVID-19, Global, 2021-2022
  • Priority of Technologies by Industry due to COVID-19, Global, 2021 to 2022
  • Top 2021 Investment Predictions

3. Market Environment, Key Growth Drivers, and Restraints

4. Customer Behavior Shapes Business Behavior

  • Socially Distanced but Socially Connected – Customer Behavior
  • Businesses Respond to Customer Behavior on Social

5. Social Media Analytics and Customer Journey

  • Social Media Analytics Classification
  • Types of Feedback Business Can Get
  • A Typical Customer’s Journey Mapped Across 5 Buying Stages
  • Social Media Analytics Across Customer Journey
  • Digital and Physical Touchpoints Impacting Customers’ Buying Journey, Global, 2021
  • Customer and Business Actions Through the Social Customer Journey

6. Reaping Benefits With Social Media Analytics

  • Benefits of Social Media Analytics
  • Evolution of the Contact Center with Social Media Analytics
  • Evolution of the Contact Center with Social Media
  • Contact Center and Social Media Process Flow
  • Contact Center Solutions Providers Leverage Social Media for Customer Care
  • Limitations of Social Media Analytics for CX

7. Future with Social Media Analytics

  • Future Trends of Social CX
  • Future of Work Skills to Ensure Great CX

8. Social Media Analytics and CX Use Cases

  • Social Media Analysis – CX Use Cases
  • Use Cases – Social Customer Service Strengthens Customer Relationships
  • Use Cases – Crisis and Reputation Management to Maintain Brand Perception
  • Use Cases – Social Selling to Boost Business Revenue
  • Use Cases – Customer Engagement
  • Use Cases – Product Innovation and Improvement

9. Social Media Analytics Solution Provider Landscape

  • Social Media Analytics Providers Profiled
  • Vendor Scoping
  • Key Features to Consider While Buying an Analytics Solution

10. Growth Opportunities and Recommendations

  • Growth Opportunity 1 – Partnerships, Acquisitions, and Mergers to Boost Analytics Capabilities
  • Growth Opportunity 2 – Emphasis on Security and Data Compliance
  • Growth Opportunity 3 – Enhancement of Visualization and Reporting Capabilities to Achieve Competitive Differentiation

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