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Gowthaman Ragothaman to launch blockchain firm Aqilliz

Gowthaman Ragothaman integrates blockchain with martech by offering solutions in the digital marketing space
Gowthaman Ragothaman to launch blockchain firm Aqilliz

Former WPP global client, Gowthaman Ragothaman is all set to launch Aqilliz, a blockchain solutions provider in the digital marketing space. Gowthaman has been designated CEO at Aqilliz and will start his new task in October this year.

A note from Aqilliz stated that its focus is to Address sector-specific challenges in the field of digital marketing, Aqilliz will facilitate a fairer ecosystem underwritten by greater trust, engagement, and transparency.

Aqilliz will offer solutions in key areas such as verification and authentication of transaction parties; management of the digital supply chain; and risk mitigation in costs and consumer outcomes.

The firm has been made in collaboration with blockchain company Zilliqa which has established key associations across digital advertising, payments, financial services, gaming, and digital entertainment.

In a test run conducted in March this year for PepsiCo, Project Proton resulted in 28% increased efficiency in terms of costs for viewable impressions.

Aqilliz has been incubated and taken to market by Singapore-based technology group Anquan. It will actively collaborate with various partners in the marketing, advertising, technology, data, and analytics industries, and will be onboarding clients by the end of the year.

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