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Green Lotus Digital Marketing Agency Launches Franchise Marketing

Bassem Ghali, CEO of Green Lotus and two-time Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner, announces the launch of Franchise Marketing Services for brands and franchise owners across the USA and Canada, providing advanced data and AI driven bid management and hyper-local targeting to increase traffic and sales.
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Green Lotus Franchise Marketing Services are tailored to help franchisees meet their sales goals and generate growth with a customized franchise marketing strategy, smart bid management and hyper-local targeting. Sitting at the forefront of ad management, Green Lotus uses the latest technology in machine learning bidding systems to get franchises the most online leads and foot traffic at the lowest possible cost.

Green Lotus Franchise Marketing Case Studies demonstrate the expertise and quality of service available. Whether it’s unifying and centralizing the marketing strategies of all local dealers and franchisees, or ensuring franchisees get the hyper-local targeting they need, Green Lotus has a solution for every franchise marketing problem.

Franchise marketing is a different ballgame requiring a combination of unique marketing strategies. Toronto’s Green Lotus Digital Marketing Agency has the expertise, experience and resources needed to transform any brand and franchise marketing strategy, lead generation and sales. Their online reviews, client testimonials, and case studies are a testament to the quality of service Green Lotus provides. If anyone is up for tackling the complexities of franchise marketing, it’s the Green Lotus team.

Time and again, customers laud Green Lotus for the extensive data collection and analysis included in their services. All leads are tracked in order to assess key performance indexes, including cost per conversion and closing rate, and campaigns are adjusted to maximize cost-effectiveness. “The data doesn’t lie,” says Bassem Ghali, Founder and CEO of Green Lotus. “With our extensive tracking systems, we are able to quickly assess and effectively refine marketing campaigns and strategies to maximize conversions and minimize cost per acquisition, ensuring our clients’ marketing dollars are effectively spent.”

The core tenants at Green Lotus are; superior client support and dedication to transparency. The Green Lotus team takes the time to ensure that clients have all the information they need to understand the intricacies every marketing recommendation, and can make the most effective marketing strategy decisions for their business. Comprehensive and detailed reports are reviewed with clients, monthly or biweekly depending on the need, and ensure clients are up to date on the latest data, have an account of every dollar spent and their marketing ROI. Clients are also provided with their own Account Manager, who is always available, by phone or email, to answer questions and provide updates.

Thanks to their string of successes in launching specialized services, Green Lotus is able to invest in their product and service development and continue to expand their offerings. The latest additions beyond Franchise Marketing Services include the launch of Smart Site website builder, White Label Services and Enterprise Marketing Services.

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