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Heap Announces Industry First with Heap Journeys

Adds Privacy and Security Controls for stronger data protections

Heap, the leading digital analytics provider, today announced the release of Journeys. It’s an industry-first tool that visually maps the paths users take through a digital product. Journeys combines many features into an integrated workflow, including visual maps, data science, and integrated session replay. This gives teams the power to understand everything users do on their site or product. With Journeys, teams no longer have to choose disconnected tools or incomplete knowledge. Nor do they need to settle for not knowing which improvements will most impact the business.

Heap is also releasing major updates to its privacy and security controls. These enhancements give customers an easy, low-code solution for managing global privacy regulations.

“Today’s companies need to understand what users do in their digital experiences. Journeys is the best product on the market for delivering this insight,” said Ken Fine, CEO of Heap. “It’s the only tool that combines visual mapping with data science and session replay. With Journeys, teams can locate points of friction and take quick action to resolve them. Our new privacy features will additionally help teams maintain high standards for security.”

Journeys has a configurable UX to show which paths users take and which paths they avoid. Its data science capabilities surface alternate routes users take to the same goal. It also alerts teams to key events they may not have been following. For every path, teams can view session replays cued to every moment they’re interested in.

Together, these features shorten the time to business impact. They also solve the problems that plague similar tools. Traditional pathing features generally provide too much information for teams to find meaningful insights. Funnel tools have trouble accurately comparing user paths, leaving teams with incomplete analyses. These limitations can cause problems for teams trying to keep up with their users, especially as digital experiences grow more complex and customers expect more personalization.

Also launched today, Heap’s new privacy features give customers flexible tools to meet global regulations. Also configurable, they can help teams maintain privacy even at scale. They include:

  • Audit logs, which provide a detailed record of key events within an account
  • Cross-domain identity management with single sign on (SSO)
  • Configurable redactions for domain, path, data attributes, IP address, geolocation, and more

With these new features, teams can understand their users’ behavior without having to integrate disconnected tools. They can do so in a budget-conscious way that maintains security. And they can quickly make decisions that improve outcomes for the business.

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