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NICE Positioned As A Leader Across All 3 Contact Center Categories

Based on scoring by industry analysts and consultants, NICE was recognized for leadership in contact center infrastructure, interaction analytics, and Workforce Optimization/Engagement

NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) today announced that it has been recognized by destinationCRM’s 2022 CRM Industry Leadership Awards as a top five finalist across three major categories addressing technology and service excellence to the contact center industry. These three awards categories include Best Contact Center Interaction Analytics, Best Contact Center Infrastructure, and Best Workforce Optimization/Engagement Management (WFO/WEM).

destinationCRM/CRM Magazine’s Industry Leader Awards highlight the top technology vendors in customer service, marketing, and sales, covering enterprise and midmarket/small business CRM suites, contact center infrastructure, contact center analytics, marketing automation, salesforce automation, customer data platforms, business intelligence, workforce optimization, and contact center outsourcing, based on feedback from leading industry analysts and consultants.

“Our leadership positioning across all three core contact center disciplines further demonstrates NICE’s commitment to seamless customer experience. With our comprehensive CXone platform built on data and analytics, NICE is delivering on the Customer Experience interactions (CXi) story, offering complete connected and intelligent experiences that flow,” said Barak Eilam, CEO, NICE.

In highlighting NICE’s strengths in the “Best Contact Center Infrastructure” category, Sheila McGee-Smith, founder and principal analyst of McGee-Smith Analytics, stated, “CXone is a full suite of applications that work on a common platform, including one with increasing importance: robotic process automation.” McGee-Smith added that the individual applications within the suite “are best-in-class.”

Referencing NICE’s position in the “Best Contact Center Interaction Analytics Category,” noted, “Since buying Nexidia in 2016, NICE has expanded what was already a powerful solution set. And now the company is rolling much of that technology into its CXone cloud contact center suite. With the addition of Enlighten AI, companies can analyze every moment of every interaction to identify behaviors that drive good experiences for customers and agents.” According to Dick Bucci, founder and chief analyst at Pelorus Research, he sees “NICE offering greater customer value from the unification of analytics, performance management, and workforce management.”

Addressing NICE’s third award, “Best Workforce Optimization/Engagement Management (WFO/WEM),” McGee-Smith stated that NICE “delivers a great best-of-breed solution that works with any contact center solution,” adding that NICE “delivers the best suite of WEM solutions as part of a broader customer experience platform, CXone.” Explained Bucci, “There are no gaps in the NICE WFO product line. In fact, NICE has expanded the traditional WFO product family to include suites for journey orchestration, automation, and CX analytics.” Bucci sees even more value coming to NICE customers “from the unification of analytics, performance management, and workforce management.”

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