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Hightouch Releases Suite of Audiencing Features

New features allow marketers to activate customer data directly from the data warehouse to power hyper-personalized digital experiences across marketing channels

Hightouch, the world’s leading Data Activation platform, today unveiled a suite of features to make first-party customer data activation easier than ever. Using Hightouch Audiences, non-technical users can now create dynamic user segments or “Audiences” that can be activated to any business application or marketing platform.

Hightouch empowers organizations to leverage their data warehouse as their single source of truth for customer data. From there, teams can seamlessly activate their valuable customer data to the tools marketers use every day. This warehouse-first approach, coupled with a deep expertise in customer data management systems (attributed to their founder’s experience building Segment’s core features), inspired the Hightouch team to build a modern data activation platform that eliminates the need for a traditional customer data platform.

As part of the new suite of features launching today, marketers can leverage Audience Insights as they define customer segments to receive feedback informing them of the makeup of each audience as they build in the UI. The new features include:

  • Audience Breakdowns identifies the characteristics of each audience segment to help marketers better understand their audience composition.
  • Audience Overlaps supplements these insights to ensure that marketers limit (or maximize) collisions between multiple audience segments.

Perhaps the most powerful of the features released, Audience Splits, unlocks seamless management of multivariate testing by providing end-to-end randomized audience creation. Now, using Hightouch, marketers can seamlessly create the (randomized) audiences needed to perform cross-channel multivariate testing. Advanced features like stratification variables provide an additional layer of granularity to ensure that audiences are distributed as desired.

“Our enterprise customers have shifted Hightouch into the hands of their (often less-technical) marketing teams. They now use Hightouch Audiences as a vehicle to unlock the value of their customer data, without the need of engineering resources,” explains Tejas Manohar, Co-Founder and CEO of Hightouch.

The new features further solidify Hightouch as the leading warehouse-first data activation platform available today. To learn more about Hightouch’s new audience features, visit Hightouch.com/cdp.

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