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HubSpot Launches New Features at INBOUND 2020

Powerful upgrades to Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and the HubSpot ecosystem enable businesses to deliver delightful customer experiences in the digital-first world
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HubSpot, a leading growth platform, today introduced new features and updates to help businesses meet the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 crisis and seize new opportunities in the post-pandemic world. The additions include an enterprise sales CRM, a scalable contacts pricing model, expanded personalization functionality, and more — giving companies greater ability to unify their marketing, sales, and service efforts and build delightful customer experience.

At INBOUND today, HubSpot’s Chief Product Officer Christopher O’Donnell said, “HubSpot is here to help businesses adapt to any new normal that comes their way. Over the past year, we have been working to add deep flexibility and power to our already easy-to-use software, and the features we’ve announced today are set to help businesses not only survive but thrive, in the new economic environment.”

Today’s announcements include:

  • Sales Hub Enterprise — an enterprise sales CRM with custom objects, advanced permissions, and sophisticated reporting, as well as enhanced sales acceleration tools and configure-price-quote functionality.
  • Scalable pricing — a new customer-friendly pricing model that enables companies to only pay for the contacts they actively market to.
  • Upgrades to Marketing Hub, including advanced personalization tools, a new report builder, and custom objects.
  • Service Hub enhancements, such as logged-in visitor identification, help desk automation, and team management functionality, in addition to a multi-language knowledge base.
  • Improvements to the HubSpot ecosystem, including a redesigned Solutions Directory and new remote work integrations in the App Marketplace.

An Enterprise Sales CRM That’s Powerful and Easy to Use

HubSpot’s enterprise sales CRM, Sales Hub Enterprise, has been upgraded with powerful, easy-to-use tools to help sales teams adapt to the new normal of inside selling. Custom objects and advanced permissions give users the control and flexibility they need to architect their entire sales operation on HubSpot, while new sales reporting functionality allows sales teams to gain deep insights into the overall health of their business. These improvements don’t just enable sales leaders to increase the productivity of their teams, they empower sales operations professionals to unlock new levels of efficiency across their company’s entire sales process.

HubSpot has also updated its suite of sales engagement tools to help salespeople connect with prospects at any time, from anywhere, on any device — an essential capability in the digital-first world. And with new configure-price-quote functionality that includes custom quote templates and integrations with NetSuite, QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Nubox, sales teams can turn quotes into closed deals with ease.

To learn more about the revamped Sales Hub Enterprise, visit here.

Scalable Pricing for Growing Databases

Businesses across every industry are currently navigating unprecedented levels of uncertainty. To remain nimble in the ever-evolving economic environment, they not only need flexibility in their software, they need scalability in their pricing too.

With HubSpot’s new marketing contacts pricing model, Marketing Hub customers only pay for the contacts they market to via email or ads and get free storage of up to one million contacts they don’t actively market to, such as unsubscribed and bounced contacts. And as they increase the number of contacts they want to market to, their cost-per-contact falls. This allows businesses to continue to grow their CRM database without worrying about a dramatically increased bill. Companies also have the ability to regularly modify their marketing contacts, giving them the flexibility needed to adapt to the ever-changing business climate.

Marketing Hub customers with October renewal dates will be able to opt in to the new pricing model on October 1, 2020. All Marketing Hub customers will gain access on October 21.

CRM-Powered Marketing for a More Personalized Customer Experience

To build meaningful relationships with customers in the digital-first world, companies need the ability to deliver deeper levels of personalization across their marketing channels. Today, HubSpot is unlocking the potential of CRM-powered marketing to enable marketers to do just that. With new custom objects functionality and updates to ads, automation, behavioral events, and email tools in Marketing Hub, businesses can leverage the rich data in their CRM to deliver deeply personalized experiences across multiple touchpoints. And with HubSpot’s new custom report builder (beta) and increased reporting limits, businesses can gain in-depth insights into how customers are interacting with their marketing materials.

Leela Srinivasan, CMO of SurveyMonkey said, “HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Enterprise enables seamless cross-functional collaboration from one easy-to-use platform, allowing us to launch global campaigns quickly, run sophisticated workflows, and continually optimize performance.”

New Service Tools to Delight Customers at Scale

To help businesses deliver the type of experience customers expect during uncertain times, HubSpot has added logged-in visitor identification to Service Hub, enabling companies to respond to messages more quickly and personally — all from inside the conversations inbox.

Additionally, new help desk automation features allow businesses to quickly set up conversational bots to answer common questions, while updated team management functionality enables them to manage agent availability in one place. And to support companies with an international customer base, HubSpot has also added multi-language knowledge base capabilities.

An Expanded Ecosystem of Service Providers and App Integrations

As businesses rapidly adjust to the new normal, many are facing unique challenges that require unique solutions. To help companies find the right service provider to help them thrive in the digital-first world, HubSpot’s Solutions Directory has undergone a complete redesign — including upgraded search functionality, a self-service listing experience, and a refreshed new look.

Additionally, HubSpot’s App Marketplace has been enhanced to help businesses build a tech stack suited to the demands of the digital-first economy. Remote work apps such as Slack and Zoom have been updated, while new apps including Microsoft Teams (beta) have been added to the marketplace, which is now home to over 500 apps that integrate seamlessly with the HubSpot platform.

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