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InfinyOn raises a $5M round of seed funding

Led by Gradient Ventures and Fly Ventures with participation from Bessemer Venture Partners and TSVC. The funding will be used to accelerate growth through key hires.

InfinyOn, a real-time event streaming company, raised a $5M round of seed funding, led by Gradient Ventures and Fly Ventures, with participation from Bessemer Venture Partners, TSVC, and others.

Real-time event streaming adoption is gaining momentum as an integral component of delivering exceptional customer experiences and enhanced operations. With products built on modern cloud-native architecture, InfinyOn seeks to become a trusted partner for organizations seeking to kick off and expand their data-in-motion journey.

“We live in an event-driven world, where users communicate with businesses on multiple channels in real-time. Car vendors roll out services to detect accidents then call drivers and passengers to ensure everyone’s safety. E-commerce vendors track packages to inform customers of their location, medical devices track blood sugar levels and make recommendations to users,” said A.J. Hunyady, co-founder and CEO of InfinyOn. “Organizations need to react to situations in real-time so they can give their users the best experience.”

InfinyOn built a real-time event streaming platform with in-line computation capabilities powered by WebAssembly that enables organizations to deploy and operate large-scale multi-channel data pipelines from edge to Cloud. InfinyOn gained traction across various industries, and now ranks as a top vendor on G2’s list for Event Stream Processing Software products. InfinyOn leverages Fluvio Open Source, a programmable platform for data-in-motion built in Rust, an up-and-coming programming language known for strong safety, small footprint, and low memory. With well over 1,000 Github stars, Fluvio is gaining popularity within the developer and open source communities.

“Legacy data platforms built in the Java era generate large binaries, require lots of memory, and are challenging to operate from edge to core. These also lack in-line processing capabilities for real-time decisions,” said Sehyo Chang co-founder and CTO of InfinyOn. “We simplify data architectures by removing the need for ETL tools, provide a more cost-effective platform with up to 80x reduction in memory and deliver maximum security with a memory safe solution.”

“We integrate healthcare data coming from different sources: IoT, patient inputs, and physicians. With InfinyOn we can do it rapidly and efficiently with a modern tool. It is written in Rust which makes it easier for the team to integrate compared with Kafka.” said Nammu CEO, Chris Brucker.

InfinyOn makes it easy to extract, shape, and transform data from multiple sources and compute an outcome in real-time. While still in Beta, early adopters see compelling advantages in a proof of concept with InfinyOn compared to alternative solutions. Aside from ease of use and the speed of development, vendors see significant reductions in the total cost of ownership compared to other vendors.

“The ability to create data pipelines that collect events from our vending machines and notify suppliers in real-time is game-changing,” said Cory Hewitt, CEO of Gimme. “Our customers want more ways to use the data in their database in making informed decisions about product inventory and product ordering at the warehouse level. More data requests equals more server demand. So we’re investing in powerful, scalable tools, like InfinyOn to queue and organize all these new data requests.”

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