Influencer Marketing Platform, ACTIVATE, Expands Product Suite

The company launches industry-first sentiment analysis tool for social media comments among other levels of precision for brands and marketers
Influencer Marketing

ACTIVATE, the end-to-end influencer marketing platform, today introduces new product offerings on their platform for brands and marketers to enhance the influencer campaign management experience. Designed to alleviate industry inefficiencies and provide marketers with a deeper level of insight from influencer projects and campaigns, the products include Influencer Relationship Management (IRM), Sentiment Analysis, and Casting Decks. ACTIVATE merged inventive technology with their industry expertise to provide brands and marketers with powerful tools unparalleled with current market offerings.

“Influencer marketing has increased exponentially as a viable channel to both build brand awareness, and drive consumer engagement and conversions – but building and managing relationships with influencers can be extremely time consuming,” says Nicholas Vincent DiSanto, CTO of ACTIVATE. “These new tools streamline operations and help marketers deliver real, measurable value while also scaling efficiently, allowing our clients to focus on cultivating relationships and collaborating on creative strategy.”

Product Features

  • Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) – Dedicated hub for brands and agencies to centralize their database of talent and influencers as well as cultivate and manage long-term relationships with ease.
    • Track all influencer partners, discover and recruit new influencers from the ACTIVATE network, or privately add influencers a brand is currently working with
    • Customizable fields to store specific data to a brand’s liking and can help track performance, conversion data, influencer milestones, logistical and personal details among others
    • Data layouts are designed for easy searches and exploration
  • Sentiment Analysis ­– Uses machine learning to analyze the sentiment of Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook content to provide a deeper, more holistic insight surrounding individual campaign success.
    • Aggregates and summarizes the sentiment generated by each post, influencer, and collaboration overall
    • Provides brands with clear visibility into the reactions of their audiences to different influencers and content, creating opportunity to change the narrative if needed
    • Comments are scored across a spectrum of eight different emotive axis, providing a mid-funnel measurement for brands: Skepticism, Consideration, Intent, Fear, Hate, Love, Damage, Positivity and Negativity
  • Casting Decks – Instantly creates influencer pitch presentations and eliminates the need to manually compile influencer data, collate individual images and copy and paste reach and engagement numbers
    • Gathers relevant information and features customizable settings – editing influencer’s platform metrics, audience demographics, and content – to finetune the influencer pitch depending on the program needs
    • Collaborations engine allows brands to pull personal stories from creators to emphasize their relevancy to the program such as key life moments or specific experience or expertise
    • Designed to be interactive – view and learn about each influencer’s content and engagement performance across their platforms

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ACTIVATE is a fully end-to-end influencer marketing platform, covering influencer discovery, program workflow, measurement, and analytics that supports cross-platform collaborations (Instagram, YouTube, Blog, Twitter, Facebook + more), with an opt-in network of 150,000+ vetted and authenticated influencers. The ACTIVATE platform also allows you work with curated communities of creators ranging including ‘vegan foodies’, ‘outdoor enthusiasts’, ‘bohemian style’ (and more!) as well as pinpoint niche groups of influencers leveraging our geo-targeting and micro-survey capabilities.

ACTIVATE also allows for access to their Studio team of influencer strategists that helps brands, media companies and agencies build out and execute their influencer initiatives. Last year, the ACTIVATE platform enabled over 75,000 influencers to collaborate with brands, media companies and agencies. ACTIVATE started out as Bloglovin’, a platform to drive content discovery and promote incredible content creators.

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