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Instreamatic Launches Contextual Audio Ads

Driven by Instreamatic’s powerful Voice AI platform, Contextual Audio Ads can automatically create unlimited ad variations to precisely match the listener’s current context

Instreamatic, whose advanced AI marketing solutions help brands understand consumer needs, today announced the launch of Contextual Audio Ads. This new solution leverages generative AI to significantly improve traditional audio ads, and increase advertiser engagement and ROI. Contextual Audio Ads offer advertisers unlimited capacity to dynamically generate fully-customized creative content that is relevant to the listener’s specific context and environment.

“Instreamatic’s Contextual Audios Ads are better at capturing listeners’ attention because they speak precisely to that listener’s context and needs in the moment,” said Stas Tushinskiy, CEO, Instreamatic. “Starting from a single original audio ad, our advanced generative Voice AI capabilities can create unlimited new creatives to address each listener as an individual. The result is an uplift in listener engagement, greater ROI, and more meaningful customer connections for brands.”

The digital advertising industry faces declining engagement rates across ad types, as consumers show increased screen fatigue and resistance to generalized advertising that relies on bombarding audiences with ad quantity to earn conversions. While ads that demonstrate more specific original content—and higher relevance to the consumer—earn higher engagement, the time and cost investments required to manually produce and manage separate ad copy for each individual consumer’s context are highly prohibitive.

Instreamatic’s Contextual Audio Ads offer brands a new way around this low-engagement trend by enabling advertisers to make every digital audio ad hyper-relevant and precisely targeted to the consumer hearing it. Consider a traditional 30-second audio ad spot: a hired voice actor might record a few ad copy variations, at most, but not enough for the listener to be particularly surprised, or to necessarily capture their attention. Contextual Audio Ads are capable of enhancing that traditional ad content by using generative AI to synthesize the same actor’s voice and automatically generate hundreds or thousands of ad variations across a single campaign. These contextual ad creatives—which can easily be stitched into an ad’s existing audio soundtrack—can include spoken details that seamlessly include the listener’s location, time of day, the name or type of app or platform they’re using, the activity they’re engaging in (whether a podcast, mobile game, etc.), and even specifics such as the current local weather. That same targeting capability ensures that ad campaigns reach vetted audiences that are most likely to be receptive to the products and solutions advertised.

Instreamatic’s Contextual Audio Ad platform identifies the set of parameters unique to each individual listener, and seamlessly produces and serves ads aligned to those variables. For example, a Contextual Audio Ad generated for a particular listener could begin, “Hope you’re enjoying your podcast on this rainy morning in Chicago. I just wanted to quickly let you know about an incredible sale today.” Whereas producing that same ad creative with prerecorded audio and branching logic would be a tremendous undertaking, the Voice AI behind Contextual Audio Ads prepares this creative automatically and in real-time.

From a publisher perspective, Contextual Audio Ads offer game-changing innovation with no complex integration required. Contextual Audio Ads work with all demand-side platforms (DSPs) and ad servers supporting VAST tags, offering instant scalability. Publishers can also leverage the Instreamatic ad network to reach more than six billion audio impressions globally at no platform cost: technical costs are included in media spend when publishing within network.

Contextual Audio Ads also provide a unique value and opportunity when applied to native podcast advertising. Host-read ads command specific strengths as an ad unit. However, advertisers leveraging the value of podcasts and host-read ads are only concerned with reaching specific geolocations and granular audience targets. At the same time, podcast marketers, producers, and hosts may have ambitions to scale beyond embedded host-read ads that target their entire audience—but are unable to overcome time and technology limitations. Contextual Audio Ads enable podcasters to escape those constraints, providing unlimited personalized versions of host-read creatives with no extra work or technology investments required. Instreamatic’s geo-targeted Contextual Audio Ads therefore enable high-value host-read ads to easily scale and reach specific audience segments, resulting in more revenue for podcasters and more value for advertisers.

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