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Interactive Content Firm Blubrry Podcasting integrates Headliner

Promote your podcast on most social media platforms through Headliner on the Blubrry Podcasting platform
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Blubrry Podcasters can now easily use Headliner, a simple way to promote a podcast, within their Blubrry account. Headliner creates high-quality video clips, transcriptions, and more for podcast creators to then share on social media or their website.

“Blubrry is a top podcast host, and we’re excited to help their podcasters promote themselves on social media through video,” said Neil Mody, CEO of Headliner.

“Podcasters are always looking for ways to professionally promote their podcast; specifically a hassle free way. Headliner does a wonderful job of taking the content podcasters have already created and making it easy and fun to share,” said MacKenzie Bennett, Marketing Services Coordinator for Blubrry.

Headliner content can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. Blubrry podcasters can link their current Headliner account or sign up in Blubrry’s Podcaster Dashboard.

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