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Blue Moon Digital. Launches the UCC for Digital Marketing

The Universal Campaign Coder is a fully automated solution that guarantees accurate tracking of marketing campaigns across digital channels to support insight development, growth, and profitability.
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Blue Moon Digital, Inc., a full-service digital agency, launched its Universal Campaign Coder (UCC) to automate and standardize campaign names at scale for any organization that utilizes digital marketing. A fully automated solution, the UCC guarantees accurate tracking of marketing campaigns across digital channels such as display networks, email, paid social, and paid search. The UCC also supports analytics platforms, and advertising networks to quickly standardize tracking codes, associated metadata, and campaign reporting. One of the most comprehensive tools in its class, the Universal Campaign Coder, regulates data hygiene practices across multiple digital platforms. By enforcing a standard methodology for creating namestrings, analysis is faster, easier, and more accurate. By eliminating gaps in the data, marketers, digital strategists, and data analytics experts have more time to focus on deriving insights, growth, and profitability.

“The data-driven decisions that successful businesses make every day rely on consistency, speed, accuracy, and the ability to evaluate marketing campaigns with precise measurements that indicate true business success,” said Cindy Brown, CEO, Blue Moon Digital Inc. “With the Universal Campaign Coder supporting marketing teams, data is clean before it goes into a given system. The UCC also eliminates the need to sort through large amounts of unreliable data and shifts resources to leverage timely insights from accurate information, all while growing revenue.”

“Our social team uses detailed performance data on audience type, creative, and ads to help our clients make the right business decisions,” said Sara Young, Senior Paid Social Strategist, Blue Moon Digital, Inc. “Having a consistent framework for client naming conventions and Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM) parameters ensures accurate data every time, and it saves us hours every week.”

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