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New Philadelphia Digital Marketing Agency Makes Its Public Debut

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Moxie Labs, a digital marketing & product development agency located in Philadelphia, PA, is making its debut. The agency is co-founded by Justin Mathews (CEO) and Mike O’Malley (CIO), industry veterans who have spent the majority of their careers navigating the city’s technology and marketing sectors.

O’Malley worked for prominent marketing agencies such as MedManage Systems & Aptus Health, and eventually went on to build out his own shop, Elevation Agency. Mathews went down a management and business development route in the Philadelphia technology industry and worked for a few local notables such as Refinery, Tonic Design, and most recently, O3 World.

The two entrepreneurs had long been aware of the intersection of marketing and technology in the business world. When discussing the possibility of starting a new business venture, they decided to build a new agency that recognized the importance of both niches for modern businesses. Once Moxie Labs was founded, it acquired O’Malley’s previous venture Elevation Agency and set off on a new path for growth.

Since its start, the company has grown to support nearly 22 employees and 8 clients across a variety of industries. Now that the company has made its public debut, both founders are looking forward to a bright future.

“The extraordinary amount of growth we’ve seen over the past few months makes us feel comfortable to formally announce our new partnership and company.” Mathews stated, “Mike and I are hyper-focused on our next steps in adding additional founders to our C-Suite in the coming months, as well as bolstering our production staff to take on the additional project work coming in. We couldn’t be happier with the success we’ve seen to date and are excited to keep this pace of growth through the rest of the year.”

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