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Martech Leader True Influence Launches the ABM Marketing Cloud

The True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud saves time and money by combining all the data, intelligence and orchestration needed to drive personalized demand generation into a single experience
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True Influence®, the technology leader of intent-based sales and marketing solutions, today launched the True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud™ for intent-driven, multi-channel account-based demand generation.

This new solution provides B2B marketing and sales organizations with comprehensive insights into accounts, buying groups and individual prospects who make the final purchase decisions, as well as the tools to successfully act on this information across all channels. The True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud includes an integrated interface that provides real-time account-level engagement and campaign performance data, allowing users to forecast and refine campaigns for the best ROI on their sales and marketing investment.

“We know that B2B marketing and sales organizations are under more pressure than ever to deliver more with less resources, so we developed a solution that puts all the tools into one place to streamline the process and increase the chance for success,” said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence. “Our goal is to make orchestrating across channels simpler and give users the confidence to execute ABM programs at scale, connecting sales and marketing with their next customer.”

The True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud is an integrated, account-based digital marketing solution that allows organizations to optimize their sales and marketing operations, whether its Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Net New or a mix of approaches. True Influence provides high quality data that powers the total market and reach analysis, engagement reporting and campaign performance forecasting.

True Influence uses a three-pronged process of proprietary algorithms to screen out inaccurate records, so only real, active B2B contact records are delivered. It starts with an Identity Graph Triangulation™ where records are matched to build a cohesive, omnichannel view of individual customers. These customer records are then analyzed by the True Influence Relevance Engine™, where advanced intent monitoring analytics using natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence examine behaviors that identify billions of intent signals to get a clear picture of the total available market (TAM) and total active market (TAM) for specific products and solutions. Each contact record is built with unprecedented speed and accuracy and is TripleCheck® validated to ensure all information is 100 percent correct.

The True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud provides users with a clear view of the decision-makers tasked with researching a specific solution or service, and how they work as individuals or in buying groups to make the final purchase decision. The True Influence Marketing Cloud includes buying group analysis at every phase of the strategy, from identifying and measuring TAM, to creating audience segments, projecting campaign performance and monitoring results. Users can then define and export highly targeted audience segments and B2B Buying Groups, or cleanse and augment their database with True Influence’s extensive B2B company and contact data.

Utilizing the True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud allows users to gain real-time intelligence into which programs and assets are delivering account, buying group and decision maker engagement with powerful intent insights, analytics and reports. Users can micro-target hard to reach segments, based on purchase journey stage, purchase intent, and extensive demographic filters. Additionally, users can activate campaigns and outreach efforts through seamless, bi-directional integration with leading CRM and marketing automation platforms

The True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud integrates all the company’s market intelligence and campaign orchestration tools into a single, comprehensive demand generation suite:

  • Intent data intelligence and Relevance Engine™ big data analytics – IntentBase®
  • Programmatic display – DisplayBase®
  • Content syndication – PersonaBase®
  • Teleprospecting – ActiveBase®
  • Proprietary intent data feed – IntentBase®

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