Martech Interview with EVP of Marketing, Digital Remedy

Tiffany Coletti Kaiser, EVP of Marketing, Digital Remedy


“Data represents an enormous shift in how businesses function, and its impact on the industry and global community is immeasurable.”

1. Tell us about your role at Digital Remedy. How did you get here?
I am the EVP of Marketing and a member of the Executive Team. My background in client relations, brand planning and strategy, and agency operations allows me to play a unique role at Digital Remedy. In a way, Digital Remedy is my client and my agency and my involvement in the organization stretches marketing, product, strategy, corporate communications, events and overall leadership.

2. There is always so much buzz surrounding the trends of content marketing which are doing rounds. Would you like to clear some air on what is the reality and what are the myths which surround content marketing?
Over the last few years, the content marketing waters have become murky with the emergence of two things: 1) Sponsored content and 2) native ads. These tactics are sometimes confused with or mis-labeled “content marketing….” When in fact they are uniquely places ads, made to appear as content from the publisher. They can certainly be effective but should not be called content marketing.

Content Marketing is a brand delivering information, entertainment, or some value that benefits the consumer. The brand can potentially be integrated as a part of the respective content, though it’s not required for the effort to be successful.  A good example would be American Express underwriting Departures, published by Meredith. This high-end guide to travel, fashion, and culture caters to premium card holders, delivering both upscale and aspirational lifestyles. It is clear that AMEX is sponsoring the content, however, it is not pitching enrollment as a component of the content.

3. How is the martech industry different from when you first started?
I have been working in the marketing communications for nearly 20-years, so I have seen—and continue to see—incredible evolution of both MarTech and AdTech. There are many differences, but the most significant change is the collection and usage of data and the impact of AI. Data represents an enormous shift in how businesses function, and its impact on the industry and global community is immeasurable.

4. Given the changing dynamic of marketing analytics and AI centric solution handling, where do you see Digital Remedy fitting in the ecosystem? Can you explain it to us with an exciting video maybe?
Change is inevitable in our industry, it is an ecosystem that is constantly evolving. Digital Remedy keeps close watch on trends and developments, and pivots as needed in order to stay ahead of the curve, and ensure we remain relevant in both our client solutions and to stay in business.

5. How do you differentiate Digital Remedy from the competition?
Digital Remedy is a digital media solutions company that has been leading the tech enabled space for 18 years, no small feat for an industry riddled in M&A actions. We’ve had a lead seat at the table through Digital’s evolution, and have learned to pivot with the market, trying new avenues to support our clients, attempting various strategies, and always looking to beat KPIs. We have an ability to understand exactly what our clients need now, will need in six months, and two years from now…there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

6. What changes are you majorly concentrating on to enhance and plug-in a more actionable customer interaction and communication model?
We are always exploring new tools and processes to improve customer experience.  However, our solutions are designed to accommodate the particular needs of each client…and their clients. Our goal is to create solutions that solve problems and, since each client has different challenges, our individual client engagements must be customized. So, tools and processes leveraged for one client may not work for another. We are always learning, always creating new platforms, and consistently working with our clients to make sure they’re getting everything they need, and beyond—based on their particular needs.

7. What tools would recommend to CEOs and CMOs as a Sales Hack in 2018?
Ensure your marketing stack has digital optimization and leverages the data your organization possess to harness possible revenue opportunities.

8. What do you think are the new standards of tech integrations? How do you manage the dire data complexities that come along with tech integrations?
Although vendors, tech providers, and analytic systems have made great progress in moving towards open API/data integration services, the industry still requires custom solutions when delivering programs at scale and for wildly divergent customers.

9. Do you see AI as a pivotal game changer in today’s Martech/Adtech arena? How do you think AI will impact martech operations in the future?
AI is absolutely a game changer, if treated properly. The ability to synthesize enormous amounts of data, combined with deep learning capabilities, processing speed, and segmentation provides real-time insights that are immediately leveraged to deliver hyper-personalized, optimized messaging.

10. Which startups in the martech and adtech industries are you keenly following?
Amino Payments and MetaX…Blockchain isn’t going away, it’s just the beginning.

11. Tell us, what is the most exciting aspect of working with Digital Remedy? Can you share with us some fun pictures of your one-in-a -league work environment?
To be in a leadership position at a company where employees are encouraged to express themselves, be heard, and have their thoughts and opinions acted upon is priceless. Digital Remedy has done an excellent job of uniquely positioning ourselves in a competitive marketplace, and that can be attributed to not only our CEO and Board, but the entire Digital Remedy team.

12. What book are you currently reading?
Three books: “Raising Resilient Children.” “Red War.” “Lost and Founder.”

13. What is one piece of advice you always follow irrespective of circumstances?
In business, as in life, there will be situations that require a little tough love, but honesty and candor will go a long way.

Tiffany has been conceiving and launching platform-agnostic, idea-centric marketing communications programs, platforms and products since her teens at global networks like Grey Worldwide, McCann Worldgroup and ambitious independent shops like Eleven Inc. and Translation. Most recently she joined cummins&partners as President in their quest to secure a North American presence following their highly decorated initial three years in business in Australia. As Managing Director of Translation she was responsible for overseeing operations for the NYC and CHI offices including business development, client leadership, and finance.

In an effort to move away from a cost-plus model and into a solutions-first offering, Digital Remedy was created by parent company, CPXi. Starting in 2017, Digital Remedy continues the 15+-year mission of performance based innovation to maximize business potential, aligning products and services under one organization.

Today, Digital Remedy enables publishers, advertisers and influencers to access the full potential of their digital assets. With unprecedented access, superior customer service, flawless execution, and our proprietary, strategic solutions working together, Digital Remedy aims to be the marketing technology partner of choice.

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