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Introducing the Newest, Most Powerful and Most Innovative InflueNex Features

Easy-to-use yet powerful and reliable influencer marketing platform that helps users to find, manage analyze and contact users.
Introducing the Newest, Most Powerful and Most Innovative InflueNex Features

July 24rd, 2019 the team at InflueNex upgraded the platform with new extremely powerful features that help tremendously in the search for the right influencers.

Influencer marketing has taken a huge impact on how companies promote their products. The audience of the influencer will trust the product or service more, as someone they know and constantly follow would recommend it to them.

What is InflueNex?
InflueNex is a platform designed specifically for YouTube influencer marketing.

It helps companies find influencers with the right audience for their product or service, ensuring maximum efficiency and exposure.Through its effective search engine and filters, it can help companies hit their target audience with ease.

Not all influencers fit the needs of a certain company, as every single influencer has a different group of people that follows them, a group that has specific interests and follows specific trends. With the powerful new tools in InflueNex, users can Search, Analyze, Contact and Manage influencers.

The Innovative Search Feature
This innovative search feature allows the user to search through keywords, as well as categorize every specific need he might need when searching for the right influencer.This includes: Category, Country, Language, Subscribers, Price Range, Last Active Time, Average Video Views and Email.

Through this unique category system, InflueNex helps companies target specific crowds through the right influencer.

InflueNex allows its users to select the region they want to target, ensuring they do not waste precious time and resources advertising in locations that might have less interest, as well as see the number of subscribers and video views an influencer has.

Utilizing all the features InflueNex offers effectively can have a tremendous impact on any business.

The Analyze Influencer Feature
This new feature allows the users to analyze any influencer they might be interested in on YouTube. With the implementation of the latest and most effective algorithms and technology, the right data necessary to make the right decision is always available.

Through these data dimensions and measurements, the user can evaluate the worth of an influencer and conclude if they want to hire him or promote their products and services elsewhere.

This includes: Subscriber count, view count, post count, engagement percent, subscribers gained within the least 30 days, views gained within the last 30 days, average view views and estimated price range.
Through the easy to understand visualization of the statistics, every user can have a clear understanding of what they are seeing.

InflueNex offers comprehensive graphs for user to analyze YouTube influencers. Users can also see the growth tendency of a channel within the past few months or years.

The One-click Contact Influencer Feature
InflueNex offers the option to connect with influencers directly, even allowing its users to bulk-message up to 100 influencers at a time. What is more, the creation of templates that are regularly available for ensuing efficiency.

The Manage Influencer Feature
InflueNex allows its users to manage all of the influencers through its easy to use systems.

By clicking on the heart shape icon next to each influencer’s profile, the user can add them to a list of favorites.

This list can be utilized to categorize the selected influencers by: Added Date, Subscribers, Latest Active Date, Engagement and Score.

In conclusion, what InflueNex brings to the table are highly effective and customizable functions. It allows anyone to seek out YouTube influencers with the right audience, helps any business to reach out to the YouTube influences for marketing in best fit.

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