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Inuvo AI Enhances its Audience Descriptions by Utilizing OpenAI


Inuvo, Inc. (NYSE American: INUV), provider of the first generative artificial intelligence (AI) advertising solution made specifically for brands and agencies, today announced that its generative AI technology, IntentKey®, is utilizing the ChatGPT API to enhance its audience descriptions – redefining the way the marketing industry’s “personas” have been traditionally created.

Marketers typically use identity-based, predefined personas to describe their audiences. A marketing persona is a detailed description of a hypothetical person who represents a specific target market for a product or service.

Inuvo has revolutionized advertising by focusing audience selection and targeting around concepts that define the reasons behind consumer interests, not the identities within an audience. Inuvo’s generative artificial intelligence is based on a proprietary language model trained on a large corpus of public information. Inuvo clients will now receive IntentKey®-generated audience descriptions utilizing ChatGPT API enhancements.

This announcement follows the company’s launch last week of its proprietary IntentKey® powered Audience Discovery Portal where marketers can generate audiences at-will for any product, service, or brand at Unlike the portal, which is now available to the public, the new audience personas will be exclusively available to Inuvo’s commercial clients.

Inuvo CEO Rich Howe commented, “It was inevitable that AI systems would be able to talk to each other. This is only possible, in this case, because the fundamental technologies that underpin both AI systems are based on a language model. Effectively, the AIs speak the same language.”

Mr. Howe continued, “With this enhancement, once again, Inuvo unshackles marketers from their dependence on structured data sets that predefine and, consequently, limit their knowledge about audiences. What we are now able to do is send IntentKey’s generated reasons behind why an audience is interested in a product, brand, or service to the ChatGPT API so it can provide its natural language interpretation of that audience.”

“This is yet another example of why language-based AI modeling is the only way to free marketers from their decades of dependence on identity-based targeting technologies. Inuvo can now generate an unlimited number of possible audience descriptions, aka ‘personas,’ that are 100% uniquely related to each client’s business,” concluded Mr. Howe.

Inuvo has numerous patents and over $50 million invested in the conceptualization of the knowledge of humanity – captured in Inuvo’s proprietary language model. These interrelated concepts describe the numerous reasons behind consumer interest without knowing who those consumers are. This AI technology is specifically designed for a consumer-privacy-first future.

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