Inuvo puts the power of its AI in the hands of agencies and brands

Rolls out new AI-as-a-Service Solution

Inuvo, Inc. (NYSE American: INUV), a leading provider of advertising technology, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that serves brands and agencies, announced today the self-serve availability of IntentKey® models within demand-side platforms (DSPs) for advertisers.

This new Artificial Intelligence as a Service gives brand and agency clients direct access to IntentKey’s powerful AI-driven audience selection and targeting recommendations. The frictionless access via Deal ID is customized to the marketing strategies associated with a client’s products, services, or brands.

“Our self-serve solution puts control into the hands of our clients, allowing them to activate campaigns tailored to their brands using their programmatic campaign system of choice,” said Rich Howe, Inuvo CEO. “With a dedicated insights dashboard offering real-time visibility into the targeting rationale behind why audiences are interested, they can feel confident knowing IntentKey is maximizing performance.”

Inuvo offers two service plans for clients accessing IntentKey’s AI to inform their media buys. The first plan leverages the company’s Managed Services team. The second plan, the new self-serve solution, empowers advertisers to independently activate IntentKey’s proprietary models optimized for their unique brands and KPIs. After providing campaign details and goals, clients gain access to a Deal ID for PMP (private marketplace) activation across their preferred buying platforms.

Unlike look-a-like models built on third-party cookies or stale offline data, IntentKey’s self-serve solution uses real-time signals associated with online content to reach audiences as their interests change. This allows media to be dynamically placed across the open web. The IntentKey Insights Dashboard provides unmatched transparency revealing insights contributing to model optimization refreshed every five minutes.

“With unparalleled transparency, independence, and customization, you simply can’t compete with IntentKey’s self-serve integration in today’s privacy-centric landscape,” added Howe. “At a minimum, clients should immediately be setting up an IOS Deal ID so they can reach the Apple users their DSP is not currently capable of targeting.”

“If marketers can describe their audiences contextually, IntentKey can find and target them. We’ve defined what the next generation of advertising technology looks like,” concluded Howe.

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