Inxeption’s High-Volume Commerce Release 9.0 to Power eCommerce

I-commerce leader upgrades platform performance to support high-volume transactions, adds improved search, order data downloads, and email customizations.
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Industrial online commerce pioneer Inxeption today announced its robust Multisite and High-Volume Commerce Release 9.0. The release is a reworking of its technology platform to enhance performance and usability for large customers with complex, high-volume, and multiple-distribution-point logistics needs, in addition to other specific enhancements.

“Our goal is to bring businesses the industrial-strength tools and capabilities many B2C selling platforms lack,” explains Chief Operating Officer Mark Moore. “Release 9.0 is another example of that commitment; it’s a direct response to the needs of our high-volume shippers who are trading up from early 1.0 eCommerce providers. They’ve come to Inxeption because our tightly integrated platform can not only help them sell online, but also streamline and optimize their processes.”

Multisite and High-Volume Commerce Release 9.0 now gives Inxeption Commerce Partners the ability to process thousands of orders at one time in an easier, faster process, even when they use multiple outside distributors in different regions of the country to fulfill orders.

The goal of every Inxeption release is to help customers Do Business Better, especially in the ‘new normal’ business climate, which emphasizes online shopping, buying, and selling. Another significant new feature is that Commerce Partners can now easily download much more detailed order line information from the platform, and import it into their inventory or accounting system of choice. Adds Moore: “Our transaction volume has doubled this year and we have responded by creating more than twenty new features that prioritize flexibility and saving time, as well as enhanced business insights.”

For marketing support, Release 9.0 also adds more marketing campaign attribution capabilities so Commerce Partners can better analyze leads associated with specific campaigns. Commerce Partners sending order-related emails to their buyers also now have more options to use custom mail domains so buyer emails don’t end up in spam filters.

Inxeption has enhanced global search filtering on I-commerce websites to make it easier for buyers to find the products and services they are looking to buy, which drives more online sales. And after a purchase, the platform now supports customizations of order confirmation and other notification emails, so that data such as payment type and the last four digits of a credit card can be displayed.

“We created Inxeption because we knew existing eCommerce platforms had limited tools to address the complexity and volume common in large organizations. It’s gratifying that more and more large, multisite businesses who once thought their operations were too complicated to use eCommerce are embracing our vision,” says Farzad Dibachi, Inxeption CEO.

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