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Lineal Industries Launches Sales and Marketing Campaign

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Lineal Industries, Inc., is launching a new national marketing campaign featuring the Company’s expanded mission, a newly designed logo for the 65-year-old company and a new website reflecting the Company’s plans for growth. The strategic focus of this plan has been developed by the new owners of Lineal Industries in collaboration with the seasoned management and operating team of Lineal Industries martech news.

Lineal Industries’ President Craig Crawford stated, “Since our ownership group, Lineal Star Holdings, LLC purchased Lineal Industries, we have achieved a significant new level of performance in our first full year of operations marketing automation. That progress would not have been possible without the extraordinary hard work and extraordinary performance of our team in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania combined with the management excellence contributed by our Houston office.”

Lineal Star Holdings’ CEO Tim Connolly adds, “We are launching the expansion of Lineal Industries’ 65-year history of safety, dependability and excellence in pipeline services to the rest of the USA. The re-branding of the Company is a true reflection of our team’s new synergy and enhanced capabilities.”

Established in 1955, Lineal Industries is a trusted specialty construction, maintenance and pipeline integrity services company originally focused on the Northeast USA midstream and upstream markets. The Company’s legacy operations are based in the Pittsburgh, PA suburb of Bridgeville.  Lineal’s Fortune 500 client base includes current and past projects completed in PennsylvaniaWest VirginiaOhioVirginiaMaryland and New York. The Lineal Industries office in Houston, Texas is focused on refinery/petrochemical turnarounds and specialty construction, in addition to our traditional midstream and upstream pipeline services martech.

About Lineal Star Holdings and Lineal Industries, Inc.

Lineal Industries was purchased in July, 2018 by Lineal Star Holdings LLC and is operated as its wholly owned subsidiary. Lineal Star Holdings ownership is composed of Houston based energy veterans and private equity investors experienced in mergers, acquisitions and the safe, efficient operation and expansion of midstream, refinery petrochemical and upstream energy service segments. Lineal Star’s principal shareholders prior companies, both public and private, have successfully developed and managed energy related operations throughout the world.

For more information about Lineal Industries fulfilling your project requirements, call Dick Hansen at 713-553-9080; email or call Lineal Industries Houston office at 713.337.3707 or Brent Ritchie in Bridgeville PA at (724) 762-6404; email

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