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Iterable Unveils Cutting-Edge Mobile & Cross-Channel Capabilities


Iterable, the most powerful communication platform that helps brands activate customers with joyful interactions at scale, today unveiled new innovations, including Iterable SMS with simplified pricing and AI-powered Channel Optimization, among other features, empowering marketers with the ability to activate exceptional cross-channel marketing capabilities and create lifelong customers.

The modern consumer is mobile-first, and spends more than four hours a day on their mobile device, checking their screens an average of once every four minutes. It’s more critical now than ever before that brands not only take steps to operationalize their mobile capabilities, but move beyond the tactical to develop harmonized, dynamic, and personalized cross-channel strategies that have mobile at the core.

“In today’s mobile-first world, the brands that succeed are the ones that invest in customer connection. Leveraging Iterable’s latest mobile and cross-channel capabilities, marketers are able to deliver harmonized and personalized cross-channel campaigns that create lasting connections with their individual customers,” shared Bela Stepanova, SVP of Product at Iterable. “All of our new innovations are designed with the modern marketer in mind, with a focus on ease of use, ROI, and impact, all within a cost-effective platform.”

Driving Greater Mobile Engagement with Iterable SMS

To take advantage of the opportunity for customer connection on mobile, marketers need to activate one of the most effective channels within the mobile medium: Short Message Service (SMS). With an average open rate of 98%, and an average subscription rate of 75%, SMS campaigns are an incredibly valuable driver of mobile engagement with consumers. However, despite the clear benefits of SMS, only 20% of brands actually send SMS messages to their customers.

Iterable’s new comprehensive SMS solution allows marketers to deliver deeply personalized experiences to customers where they are most engaged and responsive. And with a simplified and transparent pricing structure, marketers can worry less about spend and complexity, and quickly set up a more cost-efficient and impact-driven SMS program. Iterable’s full suite of SMS tools and services empowers marketers to engage customers at the right moment, across a broad range of use cases, in complete lockstep with their other marketing channels and programs.

“The power of providing an SMS channel for our guests is immense,” said Josh Cherfoli, Senior Director of Marketing and Digital Engagement at Georgia Aquarium, an Iterable customer. “It allows us to engage the guests when and how they would like to receive information, while providing a seamless experience for them to enjoy the aquarium without having to navigate through multiple channels.”

Powerful Cross-Channel Orchestration 

Iterable launched new capabilities that allow marketers to create highly personalized cross-channel campaigns and do so with maximum efficiency. To connect with today’s consumer, who interacts with brands in many different ways across multiple channels, marketers need to meet customers where they are most likely to engage, with the most relevant content, and ensure a seamless experience for customers as they move across channels. The enhancements in Iterable’s release empower marketers to quickly build and deploy effective, personalized, and harmonized cross-channel campaigns that fit the evolving needs of their customers. Key features include:

  • Channel Optimization, an AI-powered capability, allows marketers to optimize messaging across channels (Email, Push, SMS). The tool leverages historical data to determine which channel will drive the highest performance for each user based on predictive analysis of past response data and recent behavior signals. Channel Optimization takes out the guesswork for marketers, enabling the creation of stronger customer connection by streamlining and enhancing their individualization abilities.
  • In-Browser Messaging: Over 60% of website traffic comes from people using mobile devices, and this traffic continues to increase quarter over quarter. Iterable’s In-Browser Messaging provides marketers with a native, easy way to direct website visitors to the next step of their journey with a brand. In-Browser Messages incorporates actual user data into the call to action in real-time, delivering individualized messages to customers at every stage, resulting in increased response rates.
  • Silent Push Notifications allow marketers to deliver certain mobile experiences to their customers behind the scenes. Even when mobile notifications are turned off, marketers can send data to a customer’s mobile device, triggering internal permission requests, like “rate my app”, or updating in-app content — enabling seamless and frictionless customer experiences.

Hyper-Customized Delivery Controls

Iterable unveiled new features and functionalities designed to augment the capabilities of the modern marketer. To succeed in today’s competitive landscape, brands need to continue to meet ever-rising customer expectations for consistent, relevant, and valuable content. Iterable’s new product innovations make creating these high-caliber experiences easier than ever before:

  • Custom Send Control: Marketers can now leverage the full power of Iterable for campaign creation and journey orchestration while retaining control over the final processing and delivery of their campaigns. With Custom Send Control, Iterable sends message payloads to a customer-defined endpoint, allowing for additional security by enabling customers to send messages through their own internally managed message transfer agent (MTA).
  • Journey Exit Rules: For marketers, automation can help reduce the time and complexity of creating individualized experiences for customers. Iterable’s Exit Rules gives marketers the ability to automatically exit customers from a journey when a specific event occurs, ensuring their experience with a brand remains relevant and valuable. Reducing barriers to individualization, marketers can continue to build catered experiences for their customers as their audience continues to grow.
  • Quiet Hours allow marketers to delay or skip campaign sends to customers at certain times and overnight. Able to reduce noise and optimize send times, marketers build trust with customers and reach them when they are most likely to engage.
  • UserID-based Projects allow marketers to use their own unique identifiers for customers when designing Journeys, consolidate multiple UserID’s under a single user, and easily manage anonymous users. With more control over user data, marketers can approach personalization with confidence.
  • Journey Version History: Following the release of collaboration features like Drafts and In-App Recall, Iterable released a new capability that allows marketers a view a historical log of all customer journeys that have been published within Iterable, including when they were published, who published them, a log of the changes between versions, and a view of each of the versions, and revert to the previous version as needed.

The product innovations in Iterable’s mobile and cross-channel release empower marketers with the tools they need to deliver the right message on the right channel to each individual user, driving results for brands and joy for their customers. For more information on Iterable’s new capabilities, access: https://iterable.com/whats-new/

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