James Ohliger Joins Taktical Digital

Taktical Digital

Taktical Digital, a leading performance marketing agency in New York has announced that marketing veteran James Ohliger, has joined the Taktical Digital team as the new Head of Creative Content and Influencer Marketing. James, also known as Krispy, formerly served as Chief Content Officer for Jerry Media, the creative agency he co-founded with F*ckJerry.

Ohliger was an early pioneer of the social media creator and influencer ecosystem. As Chief Content Officer, Ohliger led Jerry Media to launch viral (and often controversial) social media and influencer campaigns, years before the rest of the marketing industry understood the space. Jerry Media serviced major clients including Burger King, Amazon Prime, Bumble and was also the lead marketing agency behind the now infamous (and widely studied) viral Fyre Festival campaign. He also branched out into long form content as the Executive Producer of the Emmy nominated Netflix documentary “Fyre Festival”, one of the most watched documentaries of the streaming platform’s history at the time.

With the addition of Ohliger, Taktical Digital will now offer a full suite of social media content creation services, as well as influencer/ creator marketing. This new brand creative division lead by Ohliger, will transform Taktical Digital from a traditional performance marketing agency to a Brand Performance marketing agency, dubbed “Brandformance”.

“Too often, brands pour millions into boring ads that don’t resonate on social media. It’s getting increasingly harder to capture the audience’s attention, everyone skips ads unless they’re great.” says Ohliger. “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Taktical and our new team to evolve brand and performance marketing into something that resonates with younger audiences.”

“James’s innate ability to understand the beating heart of social media trends is something that I think all of our client’s will benefit from,” says Ilan Nass, founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Taktical Digital. “His skill set is completely brand new to Taktical and will change our capabilities from top to bottom. We’re lucky to have him.”

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