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JP Morgan Chase announces five-year deal with Persado

Banking and Financial service leader JP Morgan Chase & Co. locks five-year deal with martech platform Persado
JP Morgan Chase announces five-year deal with Persado

Today, JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced a five-year, enterprise-wide deal with Persado, the martech company and a leader in utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build the highest-performing marketing creative. After a successful pilot, Chase is expanding its association across the company to cover marketing creative that will reach millions of current and potential customers. Persado uses AI to generate more effective marketing copy. In its pilot, Chase saw as high as a 450% lift in click-through rates on ads rendered by Persado, compared with others within the 50-200% range.

CMO of JPMorgan Chase, Kristin Lemkau said that Persado’s technology is incredibly promising. It rewrote copy and headlines in a way that a marketer, using subjective judgment and their experience, likely wouldn’t have. And they worked. We think this is just the beginning. We hope to use Persado not only in marketing but also in our internal communications to make things more relevant to the staff, as well as in our customer service prompts.

Chase started a pilot campaign in 2016 with Persado’s Message Machine, an advanced marketing language knowledge base of more than one million tagged and scored words and phrases. Through the tool, Chase redrafted marketing messages in its Card and Mortgage businesses and noticed a significant lift. Persado technology develops creative content with the help of data science and AI to render copy proven to be the most compelling message to individual customers and segments of clients.

Persado has more than 250 partnerships with CMOs and marketers who are also seeing significant improvement in creative performance.

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