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Kantar & fuboTV to highlight Advertising Effectiveness on CTV

Brands and marketers can now quantify their results and better understand the effectiveness of CTV advertising in driving sales and brand equity
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Kantar, the world’s leading data-driven analytics and brand consulting company, today announces its partnership with fuboTV Inc. (NYSE: FUBO), the leading sports-first live TV streaming platform. The partnership, leveraging Kantar’s flagship media effectiveness product Brand Lift Insights, allows advertisers and marketers running campaigns on fuboTV to better understand the effectiveness of their connected TV (CTV) advertising and benchmark their performance against that of their competitors.

Together, fuboTV and Kantar enable advertisers to prove the direct impact of CTV campaigns on brand outcomes including brand awareness, brand favorability, consideration and purchase preference. CTV campaigns across fuboTV’s premium inventory can be activated directly or through fuboTV’s preferred programmatic partners and seamlessly evaluated using Kantar’s Brand Lift Insights. Advertisers can pair Kantar’s ad effectiveness capabilities with fuboTV’s first-party addressable data to access a fully authenticated and measurable audience that shows the brand impact of CTV.

fuboTV and Kantar recently ran a campaign effectiveness study with a popular over-the-counter pharmaceutical brand. The study found that media placements on fuboTV helped drive consumer preference for the brand across the overall audience and led to a +9 lift in purchase preference, demonstrating the effectiveness and impact on brand outcomes. The study also allowed for comparison, showing that fuboTV’s campaign performance topped Kantar’s market norm across consideration and preference.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Kantar to help marketers better link investments on CTV to business outcomes,” said Diana Horowitz, SVP, advertising sales at fuboTV. “Marketers understand that CTV is an extremely valuable advertising medium, combining the power, reach, and the big screen experience of traditional TV with capabilities like first-party addressable audience targeting — all in a premium, brand safe environment. Now they can prove the value of CTV campaigns using Kantar’s CTV insights.”

According to Kantar’s MarketNorms database, CTV ads excel at building short-term awareness. Ads that run across connected, streaming and over-the-top platforms are easily recalled (+76% higher than Online Video) and are proven to build purchase intent.

“Our goal is to be the single source of truth for our clients and to help them drive growth through meaningful insights. Our research shows that streaming is a category that continues to grow, not just in terms of active viewers but also ad receptivity, meaning consumers are interested in advertising featured on video streaming services,” says Marco Parente, SVP of Product at Kantar. “We know marketing campaigns are seven times more impactful among a receptive audience and leveraging the medium in the right way is crucial for a campaign’s success. That’s why partnerships like the one we have with fuboTV are critical in helping marketers evaluate and understand how to get the full value from their investments on CTV.”

Kantar’s research finds that streaming keeps growing with the average number of subscriptions per household continuing to increase quarter over quarter (Entertainment on Demand) and that consumers have increased interest in advertising on video streaming channels (Media Reactions 2021).

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