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KERV Interactive Announces Lowest Price Verification Capability


KERV Interactive, the leading AI-powered digital advertising platform, announced today the release of KERV Verified Lowest Price for its interactive creative suite of products spanning across CTV and OLV. KERV uses patented technology to identify objects in video and make them interactive and shoppable. With this new product, KERV identifies the objects in a video and correlates them with existing product feed integrations to verify that the object in a brand’s video is being offered at the lowest price.

KERV’s Verified Lowest Price feature is API based and conducts real-time correlation between product feeds and patented visual in-video identification enabling creative decision making. Brands and retailers running campaigns with Verified Lowest Price can now tout the lowest price across multiple-retailers with confidence while also confirming the product featured is in stock and available. To mitigate supply chain issues, advertisers can also enable the product to dynamically offer the most visually similar product if the featured product is not in stock.

Retailers using the product can not only appeal to consumers looking for deals, but glean insightful user intent data coupled with competitor insights on current deals offered in the marketplace. KERV’s agnostic visual recognition paired with multiple retailer product feeds will flag if a lower price at a different retailer is being offered. The advertiser can then choose to dynamically lower their price to match or to serve the ad without the Verified Lowest Price indicator. In a different use case, brands can use this product to target deal seekers and simplify the path to purchase by offering transparent competitive pricing within video distribution to confirm the best retailer with the product in stock locally or online to purchase.

“We are focused on creating consumer-first interactive ad experiences that simplify the path to purchase,” said Marika Roque, chief operating officer, KERV Interactive. “This holiday season, inflation is at an all time high and it’s never been more important for consumers to have the ability to find the best prices for in-stock items. As advertisers look to maximize holiday ad spend, we’re delighted to bring this product to the market at a time we know consumers will be more diligent in making purchasing decisions.”

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