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Kohler improves customer satisfaction with callback tech

Global retailer and service provider Kohler credits Fonolo's call-back technology as "a lifeline" during peak call volume periods and staffing challenges.
Kohler improves

Global retailer and service provider Kohler has reported a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and service levels since adopting call-back technology into its contact center. A success story by Fonolo, the leader in call-back technology, illustrates how Voice Call-Backs helps Kohler’s support team provide exceptional customer experiences, even during periods of high demand.

Kohler’s contact center handles thousands of interactions daily, with 70% conducted on the voice channel. Due to the complex and lengthy nature of these interactions, their team needed a better way to manage hold times for customers. Mike Abler oversees Kohler’s customer care organization and describes their early experiences with Fonolo as a positive influence on their recent service level improvements and customer experience.

“With the Fonolo tool, we are setting our customer up for a positive engagement — an immediate feather in our cap — and it puts us in a positive position before the interaction even occurs,” says Abler.

Abler credits Fonolo with raising Kohler’s level of service while acting as a lifeline during unexpected staffing challenges and peak call volume periods. He also notes the exceptional service Fonolo consistently provides, which aligns well with their own values around customer care.

Most businesses like Kohler seek out call-back solutions to address customer hold times, according to Shai Berger, CEO of Fonolo. He says this technology can have an even bigger impact when used in the context of a customer experience strategy.

“This story is a great example of a business getting full ROI from their solution,” says Berger. “Kohler went the extra mile to test Fonolo’s different features to complement their existing operation. It really goes to show how powerful call-backs can become when used tactically.”

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