Chatbots, Conversational AI Launches AgentAssist on Salesforce AppExchange customers can now benefit from using CRM Automation to drive user engagement today announced it has launched AgentAssist for Service Cloud Voice on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customers to leverage AI-powered intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) for managing their lead generation and sales processes through a conversational user experience. The conversational AI virtual assistants deployed on apps will allow users to access applications through simple voice and text commands, as well as accelerate the speed of business, as the IVAs can process the request and present the information instantly.

Integrated directly with Salesforce, AgentAssist for Service Cloud Voice is currently available on AppExchange at: AgentAssist for Service Cloud Voice

The launch of AgentAssist on Service Cloud Voice will exponentially drive contact center productivity by automating manual tasks and supporting agents in real time throughout their engagement with customers with contextual information and suggestions for next best actions, delivering a superior experience powered by AI. IVAs can recognize user intent, sentiment and tone through natural language understanding and contextual intelligence.

Comments on the News

“The world is fast moving toward an AI-first framework, and we want to provide the best AI solutions to every Salesforce CRM user through this partnership,” said CEO and Founder Raj Koneru. “The open architecture and no-code platform framework enables an easy integration that brings the benefits of multichannel, conversational experience to Salesforce’s exceptional CRM processes. This transforms customer engagement, automation and user interactions with enterprise systems in ways unforeseen before bringing absolute delight.”

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