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Kubient Unveils modernized digital advertising infrastructure

The AP removed half of its vendors after Kubient audit revealed they were redundant
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Kubient (NasdaqCM: KBNT, KBNTW), the cloud advertising marketplace that enables advertisers and publishers to reach, monetize and connect their audiences efficiently and effectively, today unveiled the modernized digital advertising infrastructure and operations for historic news agency, The Associated Press (“AP”). Kubient worked with The AP to evaluate and streamline its internal ad operations and techstack and uplevel its data analysis – ultimately providing the publication with a new way to capture and monetize its audiences by delivering relevant content, integrations and ads.

Over a two week audit period evaluating the existing infrastructure and removing inessential vendors, Kubient reduced 50% of the SSPs that had access to The AP’s tech stack. Within three weeks of implementing Kubient’s Audience Cloud technology, The AP increased its prebid revenue by 80% and its monthly video revenue increased by 500%.

“The AP trusted us with its robust history and allowed us to create a new systematically and economically efficient ad model to support its work for years to come,” said Peter Bordes, CEO of Kubient. “It was our job to strategically dismantle and rebuild the ad stack from the ground up in order to optimize their ad ecosystem for their new goals. In this process we identified and removed inefficient middlemen that were slowing down The AP’s digital advertising operations and putting a strain on its budget.”

Kubient was able to unlock the value of The AP’s audiences by re-architecting their ad stack infrastructure and supply path, creating an efficient market and “right pricing” the value of their audience. The AP leveraged this information to target prospects for monetized opportunities and launched a new monthly newsletter that had over a third of recipients open and engage with the content.

“As one of the most trusted news agencies, we have a wealth of knowledge and information. We partnered with Kubient to gain a better understanding of the data behind our content,” said Julie Tucker, Vice President of Global Marketing at The Associated Press. “Kubient was able to unlock the patterns of our readers’ engagement so we can now make the most informed decisions and investments around our customer acquisition strategy.”

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