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Kuliza Unveils the New Brand Identity of its Flagship Lending Product

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Kuliza, a leading software company that powers digital business for financial enterprises, rebrands its former flagship product, Digital Lending Suite to Lend.In.

The lending landscape had disrupted with rising fintechs, government initiatives and increase in customer’s willingness to adopt digital mediums. One of the recent report  by BCG indicates that the digital lending possesses 1 trillion USD opportunity over the next five years. This creates a massive opportunity for new-age lending systems to help lending institutions transform their business to beat the competition.

The recent lending implementations in India and Southeast Asia, and several recognitions from various industry bodies, analysts and veterans have already established Kuliza as strong player in the market. The rebranding exercise will fuel efforts to help Kuliza serve this trillion-dollar opportunity.

Lend.In combines Digital Origination Suite comprising of Omnichannel Workflow Manager, Digital Experience Manager, Credit Engine and Integration broker with its Operational Intelligence Suite comprising of Cognitive Data Hub, Early Warning Systems, Lending Analytics etc. to provide end-to-end lending solutions to automate any given business process while having a significant impact on both top-line and bottom line of enterprises.

The logo of Lend.In unveiled in the video depicts the convergence of Kuliza’s three core pillars namely Scientific Design Process, Open Source Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

The tagline ‘The Operationally Intelligent Lending System’, indicates the operational excellence that can be achieved by lending enterprises specifically for high-value low-volume loans by leveraging data, understanding the intent of the customers, early warning systems, detecting fraud etc.

Speaking on the new brand identity, Kaushal Sarda, Chief Executive Officer, Kuliza, says, “There is a massive opportunity in the emerging markets for a lending system that helps banks and NBFCs in improving operational efficiencies to compete with rising Fintechs. Lend.In provisions for the same by enabling digital and data-driven lending to cater to this demand and help them stay relevant in the market.” The re-branding exercise affirms the company’s intention to keep helping banks and lending institutions to transform their business.

Achintya Gupta, Director Sales and Marketing, on the brand-new identity, says, “The rebranding of the product is in line with the organization’s focus shifting to Lending and reveals that the name Lend.In was specifically chosen with Lend indicating domain expertise in Lending and In representing the integrated ecosystem and dot as the force multiplier.” promises to be the next big thing as it enables banks and NBFCs to achieve the following:

  • Build the entire loan journey in a matter of days
  • Define the workflow parameters with ZERO knowledge of coding, saving loads of effort
  • Omnichannel origination and interaction integrated across mediums
  • 70+ pre-integrations to enable straight-through processing of loans and also accelerating speed to market
  • Data-driven AI-powered Early Warning Systems & Credit Decisioning

About Kuliza

Kuliza is a leading provider of digital transformation and operational intelligence solutions for financial enterprises. Since 2006, Kuliza has executed more than 120 digital transformation projects for global startups and industry-leading global enterprises. Lend.In is Kuliza’s flagship lending product, a new-age lending system for banks and lending institutions to increase the overall efficiencies while decreasing the cost and go-to-market time for customers.

Kuliza has been recognized by Deloitte and Nasscom in the past, has won several industry awards like the prestigious Technoviti Award by EY and Banking Frontiers, Digital Transformation Partner & Best Lending System of the year for NBFCs by elets technomedia. It has also been mentioned by global market research firms like Gartner, Forrester etc.

To learn more about Kuliza’s flagship product Lend.In, visit and for more information about Kuliza, visit

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