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Labor Day 2020 Marketing Hacks: Tips to Power Through

With Labor Day around the corner and marketing spirits at an all-time, park your marketing ballgame on a different zone with a rightful mix of art in martech.
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With summers calling it quits and “Return to Work” going on strong the Labor Day Weekend in the USA comes as a last resort to relief.  Labor Day has always been a spin and win for marketing professionals throughout the years.  The cherry on the cake is that Labor Day accounts for a weekend which serves us, Marketers with a lot of Intent Data and Audience Scape.

Weekend Marketing always calls for a special effort! Any event additionally calls for a mix of strategy using Martech into Marketing.

Without wasting any more time, we at Martech Cube are going to lay a full-proof Labor Day Marketing Plan for you to hatch:

Tip 1 – Customer Engagement through Celebrational Themes

When it comes to marketing, the customer is at the heart of all processes. All strategies are aligned and designed surrounding the customer persona and journey.

This weekend you can leverage the Celebratory day and develop interactive content based on a celebrational theme (Labour Day Theme) and churn out effective ways to engage your customers.

Now, make sure your focus is on delivering a top-notch user experience through your marketing campaigns that will attract customer engagement. Start a day earlier to gain maximum results and get to the core of conversations with your customers. You can create a dialog or ask questions to make your audience communicate with you instead of just scrolling through! Contests are a great way too. Interactivity and Creativity is the key. Smoothen the customer journey by engaging your customers and turning them into your brand advocates.

Tip 2 – Combine Marketing Automation with Marketing Gimmickry

A standard marketing strategy combined the best of both the worlds perhaps because marketing is the only field that combines the brains and the art casting a spell on your audience. A festivity or holiday sentiment is something that chalks out a lot of positivity in the air. Think. Rethink! The only reason that companies plug in offers during the holiday season is because they know that the prospect is definitely in a relaxed environment and has no one breathing down their neck. The direct symbolism of leisure along with expenditure can also not be ruled out. It is a general human tendency to shop

  1. During offers
  2. During Holidays (as a celebratory treat to themselves)
  3. As a temptation of the moment

All you have to do is find the right person and the right niche of your audience which will directly convert and you can do that through the art of your words in your creative along with automated targeting campaigns on social media. BANG and BOOM! You land a festivity for yourself in a scratch of a second. The main takeaway is to combine the best possible creatives you can make with the possible keywords and language instilled onto them and combining all of this to target this creative to your niche audience using the rightfully suited marketing automation software for you.

Tip 3 – Rain Offers through Email Marketing 

It is a holiday and holidays call for offers. Not to mention this month also marks the beginning of Holiday Season, which means your customers will be in the holiday spirit and all set to prep for the season. Designing special festival offers for your products or services will be a good way to go about things. Distributing these offers through your email marketing campaigns will ensure that your offerings are well-communicated to your audiences. Personalization is your key ingredient but relevancy, vibrancy, and CTAs will be your magic ingredients that will give flavour to your email marketing campaigns. Use influential persuasions such as social proofs, scarcity, or authority to stretch the effectiveness of your Labor Day Email Marketing Campaigns.


USA Labor Day has everything to do with appreciation and communication. How you choose to provide value to your customers with humility and personalization will determine the position the levels that your audience will be willing to cross in the sales funnel. Before developing your American Labor Day marketing campaign, think from the end-user perspective and think if you will drink your own champaign. This Labor Day, ensure that you celebrate it like no other (virtually) and share the joy with your audience-base by delivering an authentic and personalized experience! Don’t let your strategies be conceptual art, be a curator and execute your pop art vision.

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Aashish Yadav
Content Writer, Martech Cube
Aashish is currently a Content writer at Martech Cube. He is an enthusiastic and avid writer. His key region of interests include covering different aspects of technology and mixing them up with layman ideologies to pan out an interesting take. His main area of interests range from medical journals to marketing arena.

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