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Launch of the new Shop app by Shopify making the shopping experience more cohesive

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Best known for its e-commerce platform, Shopify has launched the new Shop app which consolidates stores and turns them into a cohesive experience of shopping. Shopify has made the service available only as a native mobile application unlike the competitors of Shopify.

Shopify has provided over a million businesses with the ability to create online stores. It also allows the users to create third-party applications and plugins that enable the company to create a solid community of developers. This has also made the usage of Shopify along with the existing communication, PoS, and delivery services of the businesses.

This new application which is called Shop makes shopping at the stores powered by Shopify more cohesive. It is similar to Amazon that allows tracking and monitoring of every order made from a merchant in the application. Users are also allowed to follow stores and make direct purchases from the Shop app.

The Shop app aggregates and puts across some products that the store has to offer one single page when someone follows a particular store. When someone taps on a store or a product, the store gets opened in a browser view inside the app itself.

For this application, instead of leveraging the app as a shopping search engine, Shopify has taken the approach of store-first. When users search for a shop, they are presented with a big list of stores that match the queries of the users. And after they follow a store, they are presented with a small list of products that the store has to offer.

The Shop doesn’t have a web version launched for the app, it just has the Android and iOS applications. 

The app lays groundwork for a marketplace where customers can find and purchase the products they want easily.

This is a big step for Shopify in the right direction. To know more about such updates from the field of martech, follow the martech cube. Martech cube delivers news and information from the martech sector regularly.


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