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Litmus Launches New Capabilities to Level Up Email Strategy

New solutions provide more efficient email workflow, increasing ROI and subscriber engagement for marketers
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Litmus, a leader in email marketing, today announces new capabilities helping boost personalized brand experiences and increase efficiencies in email workflow and creation. Litmus Personalize, powered by the recently acquired Kickdynamic solution, improves engagement among email subscribers and unlocks revenue potential by empowering marketers to easily create personalized, AI-driven emails. Additionally, Litmus adds Email Performance Indicators in the Litmus Integrated Insights report, providing powerful, actionable insights at a glance, and enhances ESP Sync to streamline the building, reviewing, and testing of emails without switching between tools.

According to the Litmus 2021 State of Email report, over 40% of companies intend to increase their investment in email marketing. Furthermore, about half of marketers are boosting personalization for their email programs as a result of 71% of consumers feeling frustrated with impersonal experiences. With consumers requiring highly personalized experiences, Litmus’ product updates enable brands to create properly segmented, one-to-one conversations.

“It’s no secret that personalization and automation are the two most critical components to a successful marketing program, regardless of size or vertical,” said Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus. “With Litmus Personalize, we’re elevating the opportunities and impact of email for every marketing team by helping them create data-infused, subscriber-led dynamic content for their customers.”

Litmus’s new product updates include:

  • Powered by Kickdynamic, Litmus Personalize, powered by Kickdynamic extracts the latest data from marketers’ CRMs, product feeds, and more to automate email content creation from a single HTML tag. Additionally, Predictive Recommendations automatically surfaces the products resonating with similar audiences in real-time. These features provide powerful results with uniquely personalized, engaging email experiences created from AI and automation-based capabilities.
  • Email Performance Indicators, now in Litmus’s Integrated Insights, surface visual badges to inform users which emails are performing well — or not performing well — and why. It also includes suggested follow-up actions.
  • With Litmus’s ESP Sync enhancements, users can choose which folder to sync their emails for ESPs, including SFMC, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, and Mailchimp. This makes it easier to build, test, and review emails without having to switch between tools.
  • The Analyze tab redesign reflects actionable dashboards, enabling marketers to identify insights at-a-glance and take action. With a single dashboard view, users can access valuable insights at any time or easily navigate to detailed reports.

“The Litmus Integrated Insights Report already saves us so much time by providing powerful metrics from our ESP in Litmus without having to switch between tools,” noted Aubrey Badger, Associate Director of Performance Marketing at Arizona State University. “The addition of Email Performance Indicators makes it even easier to quickly and easily see which emails might need attention and take action with the suggested next steps. The UI is beautiful and seamless and the help documentation provides so much rich content to help us improve our strategy.”

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