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Localz announces a new module, Manage My Appointment


Localz, leading experts in last mile location and messaging technology, just announced a new module, Manage My Appointment, enhancing its customer-centric product portfolio. With today’s consumers having become accustomed to on-demand services at their fingertips, it is important to reflect on these consumer experiences in the services industry.

Localz is enhancing its product offering with Manage My Appointment which will help to automate communication around service appointments. End-customers will be able to confirm, cancel and reschedule appointments via an online portal. Traditionally, these services have been done via the telephone which uses valuable contact centre resources whilst wasting the customer’s time.

Localz has also included cancellation reasons, giving businesses more insights into why customers need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, which enables them to improve services in the future. Localz technology is built to work with a clients’  existing scheduling system, so everything is easily integrated.

Manage My Appointment works alongside Localz’ existing solutions such as ETA tracking, appointment reminders and real-time feedback to empower customers throughout their appointment journey. Customers have all the information they need and can take control of their schedule.

“The days of waiting on hold to speak to a call centre agent are rapidly diminishing and customers want service appointments to fit around their day and to be accessible via modern communication means. We want to empower customers to receive services on their own terms.” said Tim Andrew, CEO & Co-Founder of Localz

Manage My Appointment helps to automate the rescheduling process while also empowering the customer. Businesses will benefit from:

  • Reduced call-centre volumes –  reducing costs and optimising resource allocation.

  • Fewer missed appointments – as customers can select a convenient time and reschedule as needed, and Localz can send additional reminders if the customer has not confirmed their attendance.

  • Increased first-time access – automated appointment reminders will ensure the customer knows you are coming and customers can also confirm that they’ll be home at the selected time.

  • Empowered customers – automated appointment reminders and the ability to amend an appointment give increased certainty to customers and also enable them to have control over their day.

  • Improved customer experience – enabling customers to access appointments online or via their mobile device means they don’t need to wait in call centre queues.

  • Customer insights – the platform will ask for cancellation reasons, giving them a better understanding of their customers so they can improve services in the future.

“We are always looking to enhance our modules so they are reflective of the consumer needs as of today. We noticed that, while many of our clients’ booking systems are able to create the initial appointment online, there is a big gap in the ability to confirm, reschedule or cancel in a self-service manner. Manage My Appointment is the module that closes this gap and gives a clear overview for the business and the customer helping to improve communication, build better relationships and provide best-in-class service.” continued Tim Andrew, CEO & Co-Founder of Localz.

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