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LoyaltyLoop integrates with PlanProphet to Create a Cohesive CX


LoyaltyLoop is excited to announce the launch of a groundbreaking integration with PlanProphet, bringing enhanced capabilities to companies using their CRM and marketing automation platform. Officially announced last week during the PlanProphet Champion Summit in Miami FL, this integration allows printers and graphics companies to leverage LoyaltyLoop customer feedback within PlanProphet.

Print and graphic companies can now optimize their operations with the LoyaltyLoop – PlanProphet Integration, creating a more cohesive customer experience. The integration seamlessly transfers LoyaltyLoop customer feedback results and associated data into PlanProphet, enriching the CRM records with valuable insights. PlanProphet users can now easily discern the status of their customers, including the timing of their last feedback submission and whether the experience was positive or negative. Furthermore, feedback results requiring immediate attention are prominently featured in the PlanProphet’s Alerts. As LoyaltyLoop generates Leads and Referrals, PlanProphet users have the option to engage additional capabilities, facilitating automated follow-up campaigns to expedite the conversion of opportunities into closed deals. Setting up the integration takes only seconds and is available to any business running PlanProphet. There is no additional cost from LoyaltyLoop to use add-on.

John DiPippo, President of LoyaltyLoop, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “For printers running PlanProphet and LoyaltyLoop, our collaboration enables users to extract even greater value from our respective platforms. Printers will now possess a more comprehensive understanding of their customer base, empowering them to make informed decisions by seamlessly integrating customer feedback results into their CRM of choice. Closing business faster is a shared objective, and the capability to initiate automated follow-up campaigns based on customer feedback makes excellent business sense.”

Lemay Sanchez, CEO of PlanProphet, echoed these sentiments: “Continuously seeking opportunities to boost operational and sales efficiency to PlanProphet’s customers is our top priority. Our collaboration with LoyaltyLoop adds immediate value, offering deeper insights into customer relationship data that can drive additional business. LoyaltyLoop shares our vision of helping printers be more efficient, informed, and profitable, and this partnership is a testament to that commitment.”

The LoyaltyLoop service automatically engages customers after a transaction and offers integrations with popular print management systems like Corebridge, EMPS, PrintSmith Vision, Printer’s Plan, PressWise, and more. LoyaltyLoop tailors feedback services for each printer, encourages customers to post reviews on Google, enhances online visibility, and identifies new sales opportunities. Additionally, LoyaltyLoop monitors crucial customer experience metrics, including Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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