Major Tom wins eCommerce gold at Canadian Search Awards

Major Tom (, a full-service marketing agency, has been awarded for its eCommerce work by the Canadian Search Awards.
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Adaptability is the theme of 2020. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to affect global markets, many businesses are adjusting their strategies to adapt to this new reality. ECommerce and digital sales have become more important than ever and thriving in a post-COVID era means data, drive, and a whole lot of determination.

As a digital agency, Major Tom has dedicated most of this year to supporting clients, coworkers, and industry partners as they shift their businesses online. Finding creative ways of using data and innovating the way we look at online sales has been a crucial element in ensuring these businesses continue to succeed.

This week, Major Tom took home a marketing award win at the Canadian Search Awards for their Retail/eCommerce (PPC) work with clothing retailer, Roller Rabbit. This prestigious competition recognizes the best talent in PPC, SEO and content marketing across Canada. This award follows up their Google Premier Partner Search Excellence finalist award from 2019, which they won for helping Zolo elevate their paid search strategies.

The award highlighted Major Tom’s work with Roller Rabbit in which Major Tom used in-depth data auditing to create a digital ad campaign focused on out-performing regular holiday season sales. Due to COVID-19, Roller Rabbit was forced to close their brick and mortar locations and their digital budget was cut by 25%. Our team was tasked with finding a way to do more with less. The successful campaign exceeded expectations and increased the spring sales by 95% in paid search revenue.

By taking a data-centric approach to their strategy, Major Tom was able to create a campaign that not only exceeded traditional quarterly sales goals but also out-performed the busiest sales season of the year. This is a win, not only for the team involved but for all businesses who are considering making the move to online sales.

“Our partnership with Major Tom over the past year has been critical to our growth. The team at Major Tom are communicative, incredibly knowledgeable, and understand the importance of highlighting a brand’s DNA while considering how to create the greatest digital impact. We are thrilled to have won this award with amazing talent from Major Tom!” – Carolyn Phillips, Director of Marketing

As we move into the later stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important that businesses begin to examine the ways they participate in online advertising. By focusing on data, brands can expand their selling possibilities far beyond what was possible in the brick-and-mortar era. This award exemplifies the new era of marketing– one that is focused on numbers and tailored for success.

In 2021, we expect to see an even greater shift to online sales, making this kind of data-proficiency an undeniably important factor of business success going forward. If agencies and businesses can prioritize attention to detail, they may have a fighting chance in the new world of digital sales.

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