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MakeAndMarket.App Bridges the Gap Between Just Making a Great App and Making a Great App Succeed

Tech Treat LLC Offers Free Marketing Assistance to DIY Mobile App Clients
Tech Treats LLC

Tech Treats LLC will empower small to medium size business owners with an innovate and cost-effective approach to marketing their business with the official launch of its new website: MakeAndMarket.App. While there are numerous DIY mobile app builders on the web, once clients create the app, they are typically on their own to market it. That is where MakeAndMarket.App stands out from the competition.

Tech Treats LLC has licensed a top-rated, award-winning international mobile app creation platform that has been used around the world by over a million businesses to create mobile apps, including major U.S. retailers and Fortune 500 companies.

“Busy entrepreneurs need not be bothered with expensive, time-consuming marketing tasks,” says “Myrt” Hester, CEO of Tech Treats. “With MakeAndMarket.App they can invest two hours creating a professional mobile app to help their business and we’ll double their investment in time to help them market it, at no additional cost.”

No coding is required to create a professional app. The platform is so intuitive, even many high school students could create elaborate apps without reading a single page of instructions. The learning curve to create an app on MakeAndMarket.App is extremely brief as app creation relies on very simplistic, yet very professional templates.

Key Benefits:

Merchants can sell their products directly from their apps.

Users can seamlessly add their YouTube and Vimeo marketing videos by simply copying and pasting the videos’ URLs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be quickly learned with a user-friendly tutorial.

There are over 25 distinctive mobile app categories to choose from, such as restaurants, photography, business, real estate, fashion, sports, entertainment, weddings and many more. If the desired app category is not listed, users can simply customize an app from scratch, again, using simple templates.

Users can literally create an app very quickly because there are only a few steps involved in the process:


1. Users pick an app category to display the templates.

2. Next, they select from one of many app design layouts.

3. Then users select which features are desired from over 65 options, such as e-commerce, news, audio, artificial intelligence chatbot, coupons, dating, CRM, directories, videos, social media sites, website, one touch, login, share, survey, store, blog and many more.

4. Finally, they simply click on each feature, one by one, and change the placeholder text and pictures and fill in the boxes. They save and wait for the link to download and can then test the app on their personal mobile device before uploading it to GooglePlay or the AppStore.

It is easy to see why over a million businesses around the world have chosen this platform to create, and recreate, their mobile apps. But MakeAndMarket.App takes app creation to the next level by providing complimentary marketing assistance to clients who opt for a yearly plan. This free assistance can include some or all of the following:

  • Free motions graphics branding video to explain and pique interest in the app or business.
  • Free Google AdWords campaign set up.
  • Free website hosting for one year so clients can have a dedicated website to promote their app if they choose.
  • Free press release to create buzz around their app/business distributed through a top-rated press release distribution firm.
  • Free access to a social media automation platform for a year to make social media posts seamless.

Tech Treats LLC will even create a free logo for the app for annual subscribers upon request, as an added treat.

“Business owners can see how easy mobile app creation can be for free and they can make as many updates to their apps as they like. For those who cannot invest even 1-2 hours in creating their own app, Tech Treats LLC offers app creation for a nominal fee and clients are still entitled to receive the free marketing packages as our way of saying thank you,” says Hester.

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