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ManyChat expands platform with the launch of SMS & Email

ManyChat, the only Chat Marketing platform, has added SMS and email to complement its Messenger Marketing technology.

ManyChat, the only Chat Marketing platform, today announced that it has added SMS and email to complement its Messenger Marketing technology. In an industry first, marketing agencies, sophisticated marketers, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and solopreneurs would now be able to use ManyChat to create interactive marketing campaigns that span multiple channels from a single drag-and-drop interface within ManyChat’s Flow Builder. Moreover, ManyChat also announced Shopify integration, PayPal payment options with Facebook Messenger, and a new mobile app for live chat.

Altogether, ManyChat has more than 1 million users, 800,000 Facebook pages, and over 500 million consumers who interact with businesses on the platform. Over 8 billion messages are exchanged on ManyChat’s platform each month across more than 170 countries.

Mikael Yang, ManyChat CEO and co-founder said that “Chat Marketing is the future of the business to customer communications. With more than 2 billion people using messaging apps, businesses can now connect with customers from the start of the relationship, through the transaction and beyond, without ever leaving the chat interface. It’s instant, interactive, private, personalized, and engaging. Chat Marketing is dramatically changing the way businesses work and how they acquire, retain, and service their customers.”

New Channels: SMS and Email

With over 2 billion individuals presently using messaging apps, ManyChat is at the forefront of helping businesses connect with customers in a personalized and conversational way. With the addition of SMS and email, ManyChat is the only Chat Marketing platform that gives marketing agencies and businesses the full range of options they need so they can use the right channel for the right message all through ManyChat’s Flow Builder. Flow Builder allows the users to see a visual representation of the entire customer interaction including messages and actions.


ManyChat’s new direct integration with Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, enables organizations to craft automated conversations based on shopper behavior such as abandoning a product in their cart or visiting a product page. ManyChat e-commerce customers like Chandler Tool, Sapling, and KiddoLab have found that using ManyChat to personalize the shopping experience through interactive conversations optimizes conversions and lowers customer acquisition costs.

Mobile App for Live Chat

ManyChat also unveiled a new mobile app for its live chat functionality. ManyChat was the first platform to combine automation and live chat in a single product so companies could easily transition between automation for the easy questions, but still provide a personal touch when the situation demanded. With the new mobile app, ManyChat has made it easier to access and resolve open customer conversations that require real-time attention.


ManyChat has expanded its payment options from Stripe to include PayPal for more payment options within Messenger. All types of businesses can charge clients for their services without ever leaving a Messenger conversation.

Companies and agencies from a wide range of industries depend on ManyChat, including online services, e-commerce, and education as well as more traditional businesses like retailers, salons, gyms, restaurants, and others. Building automated, multi-channel conversations and marketing campaigns on the platform is free and simple and can be launched in a few hours.

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