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Slidetown Launched to Integrate Powerful Storytelling for Presentations

Storytelling is the new marketing

Slidetown, a new firm, has been launched to help businesses incorporate remarkable storytelling into high-impact presentations. The goal of the founders, Danielle Daly Sabaris and Joni Galvao, is to simplify complex messages and manifest that simplicity in a powerful story to dramatically improve business communications and empower presenters with the tools to engage, influence and persuade their audiences.

“Storytelling is the new marketing,” said Sabaris. “We’re working hard to fight the war between great presentations and those that put people to sleep. Our mission is to bring together experts in storytelling, content development and presentation design to disrupt the way businesspeople communicate and persuade.”

Many organizations face internal issues that hinder their ability to create compelling presentations. Those limitations can involve messaging and design talent, people and time available for project execution, and the stress and pressure experienced by potential presenters.

The Slidetown platform is designed to alleviate these challenges by providing expert, proven resources to deliver key messages quickly and effectively told through stunning, branded presentations. It also offers external capabilities to help meet requirements for high-volume production and timely turnaround.

The foundation of Slidetown lies in the significant and complementary expertise of founders Sabaris and Galvao.

Sabaris brings deep experience in business strategy, sales effectiveness, and presentation content and design to the creation of transformative experiences. Prior to co-founding Slidetown, as Founder and Content Creator of Rexi Media, she gained over a decade of proficiency in improving the quality of some 10,000 presentations for organizations of all sizes in a broad array of market segments, particularly the technology space. Her experience also includes business development roles for leading high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, including Adobe.

Galvao provides a unique blend of business strategy, screenwriting and filmmaking, neurolinguistic programming, storytelling and presentation design. With over 15 years of experience, he has helped executives use emotion in their stories to engage and move their audiences through more than 10,000 presentations for over 1,000 clients. Galvao is a disciple of Robert McKee, storytelling guru to major studios, actors, directors, writers and corporations. He has developed a methodology to integrate screenwriting principles in the business world and the first storytelling model using a “plot design” method to keep stories alive over multiple iterations.

“Presentations are one of the most prevalent media for selling ideas and engaging people in the corporate world. It’s often a one-shot, defining moment,” Galvao noted. “A successful presentation must have a single main idea, a plot connecting the messages, a strong protagonist, a structure that presents the world of the main character, resolution of main conflict, and saving the best for last.”

In today’s fast-paced business environment with multiple distractions competing for attention, the capability to produce top-quality presentations can be a game changer for any organization. Applications are now pervasive and include conferences, meetings, webcasts, webinars, sales opportunities, large events, commercial pitches, investor briefings, training, internal communications and digital marketing.

For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @slidetown.

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