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Marketing to women in 2022

In an ever-competitive market, meaningfully connecting with your consumers means understanding their differences. Here’s what marketing to women in 2022 looks like!
international women's day 2022

The reason marketers emphasize so much on buyer personas is because of the fact that you can’t target all customers the same way. Marketing strategies can’t be one-size-fits-all.

With women driving the majority of consumer spending, there’s an incentive in understanding what makes the female customers tick. Moreover, if your marketing strategies to target women are all about coloring it pink, you’ve already lost the game. It’s time for some course correction!

The Marketing Narratives

Brands need to understand what women need when they buy a product. For instance, SUVs designed for speed wouldn’t appeal to women looking for cars meant for conveniences, such as enough space for toddlers and their strollers. There are now more women in the workplace than ever. Though the gender pay gap has real repercussions for women, they are still making great strides.

Modern marketing is all about segmentation. Knowing how your female consumer feel and respond to your marketing efforts can go a long way. Most women juggle different responsibilities; marketers need to wrap their heads around what they need at different stages of life and career. Marketing to women in 2022 should take a different portrait- balancing priorities.

The Female Economy

Women’s rising power and influence in the economy are reshaping the market. Certainly, their position in the economy is only going to get stronger. Women would be dismissing brands that fail to cater to their needs fully. They don’t want to be pigeonholed into one group or worse with men.

Women and men take different approaches to make purchase decisions. Marketing campaigns need to target the different sides of a woman- the nurturer, the creative, the business owner, the athlete, and so on! Women are diverse individuals with different experiences and carrying different opinions.

The Disparity

The advertising sector has taken into account the women of the 21st century. But more often than not, the women in advertisements barely have any similarities to the women in real life. Women don’t want to be perfect- they only want to feel comfortable in their own skin and with who they are.

“Modern women are independent, and that’s how they want to be represented in the media and adverts. Women deserve a fair portrayal.”

Marketing to women is about recognizing their diversity. They have different identities at different life stages, and therefore they all can’t connect to the same marketing message. Brands need to design their products and market their offerings with inclusivity and empathy. Women don’t want marketers to make their offerings gender-specific; they just want you to make them more human.

The Extract

Most importantly, to market and advertise to women in a more holistic way, you need more female marketing professionals on your team. As women grow and navigate the different life stages, they prioritize different things- that’s where you, dear marketer, come into the picture.

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